Creative, Quirky & Beautiful Decorative Fonts

Some might say that these fonts are a little bit eccentric and odd, but I like to think they’re all creative, quirky, and in their own way, beautiful.

It would take one heck of a brave designer to actually use these fonts on a web page or print magazine. They’ve simply not been designed for clear legibility.

Unlike other, more commonand usable fonts, each of these typefaces have their own individual and unique characteristics. Some might even say they’re a little bit eccentric and odd. I like to think they’re creative, quirky, and in their own way, beautiful.

So, please don’t use these fonts in anything that needs to be clearly read. Really, don’t do that. But if you’re designing a logo, a CD cover, a poster, or even some invites, and are looking to give your typography a touch of unique creativity, then these decorative fonts are most definitely for you.

Avanth Font Family (OTF)

Avanth is an uppercase font family that’s just brimming with personality. Every single one of the letters has been uniquely designed by using some simple geometric shapes like circles, squares and straight lines.

Avanth Font Family

Avanth Font Family

ECHO Typeface (TTF & OTF)

The beautiful ECHO font works best when it’s displayed in all its glory. So display it large. Really large!

ECHO Typeface

ECHO Typeface

Dejavu Font (OTF)

The Dejavu font family has been designed to represent the passing of time. When the time shift is to the left this represents the past, the solid letter represents the present, and when the time shift is to the right this represents the future.

Dejavu Font

Dejavu Font

Boxfresh (OTF)

Boxfresh is a big, bold and impressive all-caps display typeface. It’s been designed to work best at large sizes and would be perfect for headlines, posters, flyers, logos and so much more.


Bronx Shoes (TTF & OTF)

Bronx Shoes is a gorgeous vintage-style hand-written font that comes in both regular and line versions.

Bronx Shoes

Bronx Shoes

Amphigory (OTF)

With its retro-inspired curves, high contrast and utter refusal to sit still, the all-caps Amphigory will be sure to leave an impression on any viewer.


Grankenstein (OTF)

Grankenstein is a quirky font that’s been inspired by vintage children’s story books. The serifs are large and spiky, and the letterforms highly irregular. It would be great for fun projects where you want the historical to take on a modern character.


Qubism (TTF)

Qubism is a highly original font that has been heavily inspired by the art of Pablo Picasso. The font family includes three TTF files that work seamlessly together to recreate the unique Cubist style you can see below.


Stonebangs (TTF & OTF)

Stonebangs is a modern take on vintage typefaces. It works great for almost all of your designing needs including headline, labels, logo, etc.


Next Steps

Next up, you could head over to Envato Market and have a browse through the huge selection of decorative fonts currently listed there.

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This article was originally published in 2015 by Paul Andrew and was updated in 2017 by Brittany Jezouit

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