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Creativity, conversations and connections at Pause Fest

Last week, we were thrilled to partner with Pause Fest, one of the premier conferences for creative upstarts in Melbourne.

All week, we ran sessions with our staff, community members and attendees to help people build better creative projects and learn new skills to build their careers.

Here are some of the highlights. You can also see all the action as it happened on Twitter – here and here.

Throughout the week Envato team members were based at ‘Envatalise’. This hub was for creatives to rest and revitalise between innovative and inspiring speakers, who talked on topics surrounding tech, creativity and business.

Two business owners also spent the week at ‘Envatalise’ creating assets using Envato Market.

A number of events were hosted throughout the week at Pause where top innovators, creators and industry leaders could connect.

Envato hosted an evening celebrating women in technology with special guest Adriana Gascoigne, Founder of Girls in Tech.

Cyan Ta’eed, Lama Tayeh and Adriana Gascoigne

The festival kicked off with a launch party held in the courtyard of Envato’s CBD headquarters. The party was attended by speakers as well as creatives and technology fanatics.

Pause Fest launch party at Envato HQ

People Power, by James Law

Envato’s HR Director James Law started the business themed day of Pause with his talk on People Power – how do you create experiences people love in your organisation to a captivated audience.

The Envato team enjoyed spending time talking to prospective buyers, sellers and people interested in our business and community. Also listening to all the great ideas that disruptors and innovators are working on in the tech space.

Selina Ife

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Selina is a communications specialist at Envato.