Creator Curated: 20 Best Christmas Songs & Holiday Stock Music

Nothing gets us into the holiday spirit quite like Christmas music! Whether you’re making a holiday video or looking for music for your next creative project, Christmas audio is a great resource for the soundtrack to your holidays. We asked the music producers and creators in our AudioJungle community to tell us about the best Christmas stock music on Envato Market. Here’s what they had to say:

Image: Artyzan
Image: Artyzan

1. That Christmas by SilvanMusic15

My all-time favourite Christmas track on AudioJungle. This piece evokes all the magic of Christmas time and would be right at home in a variety of seasonal projects. Starting with bright sleigh bells, staccato and pizzicato strings, the track builds with double bass, harp, bells, choir and horns, all dusted by magical chimes and cymbals. Both dynamic and full of energy, this track combines a familiar feel from more traditional Christmas songs with a contemporary spin. It’s no wonder it was the top selling 2014 Christmas theme on AudioJungle.

2. Christmas Acapella by soundroll

This is a background music instrumental that is really sweet, joyful and simple. It is a cheerful original christmas featuring vocal and it is different from all other tracks on AudioJungle. An original christmas tune with a funny and joyful atmosphere. Simple but beautiful melodies and no classic instrumentation deliver the spirit of Christmas.

3. Christmas by skywalkmusic

Great melody and great instrumentation.

4. Melodious Christmas by Allegro120

Really amazing classical tune that seems like created for Hollywood movie. It has a decent melody line, good professional orchestral arrangement and mixed good as well. It brings a lot of fairy positive feelings.

5. Christmas! by Stockwaves

A fast paced sparkling adventure filled with Christmas cheer. A song truly packed with adventure! The rolling melodies are great. Pure fun!

6. Merry Christmas by audiophile-trax

A children’s music box track of high quality that comes in three versions with different tempos. Though this melody in this format is heard a million times before, this is the sort of minimalistic track that you’d expect to fit any Christmas project due to it’s undeniable, iconic associations to Christmas and all it’s magic.

7. This Christmas by 331

Fun, bouncy, little Acoustic Guitar based tune with sleigh bells. If you need something light and fun for the holidays this will work great! This christmas track is very uplifting, happy, bright and of course Merry. If you are looking for original christmas carols this christmas instrumental is perfect.

8. The Best Christmas Gift by Benji Jackson

Simply the best Christmas song available on AudioJungle. A truly stand-out and original piece that combines the traditional holiday mood with modern elements and of course Benji’s incredible vocals. Instantly memorable with catchy guitars and an upbeat sleigh bell and brush drum groove, the song features heart-warming and cheerful lyrics to create a wonderful festive feel. An undiscovered gem, and a true modern classic perfect for a wide range of Christmas productions!

9. Christmas12 by Synchrotron

A fun filled Christmas song with a lot of cheer. The perfect soundtrack to Santa’s workshop. Look at them elves go! It even has tuba! That’s my favorite part. Oh, go listen for yourself!

10. Christmas Tale by twisterium

This is universal happy christmas track. It suits any kind of cheerful New Year film, film about Santa or Christmas preparations. It’s light carefree and even triumphant in final part. Perfect for films about children or cartoon films.

11. That Christmas by SilvanMusic

One of the best Christmas song on Audiojungle! This orchestral tune creates a magical christmas vibe. Suitable for many christmas projects.

12. We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Stockwaves

When minimalism is not an option, cue this track and turn the volume way up. It’s a rich, loud and energetic orchestral arrangement of the Christmas classic, full of pomp, punch and grandeur. It will not fail to make the message clear: Christmas is coming!

13. Christmas by SunlightStudio

This is a beautiful, upbeat rendition of a classical Christmas theme. A great production that is sparkling with joy and anticipation of Christmas – you can easily imagine it on TV!

14. Christmas by AudioPizza

Very beautiful and New Year atmosphere track. And this number one, I think, from all tunes about Christmas on AudioJungle. Associated this tune with lovely childhood movie ‘Home Alone’ and another similar.

15. Christmas Sleigh Ride by UJ-pro and vocal from StudioMonkey

Absolutely amazing! I can’t stop listening to it, I’m hooked on this song. It’s perfect! Hearing the song is inevitable to imagine a classic Christmas movie.

16. Acoustic Silent Night by lokohighman

I like it’s pureness and it’s snow-like silence. I also like the flowing melody on the chords.

17. My lovely Christmas theme by Tunebaker

Warm, cute and wonderful sound, great melodies and great mood. It’s a spirit of this holiday.

18. Christmas by Andrew_G

I think it is one of the best christmas tracks on AudioJungle that I’ve heard. Professionally well orchestrated and festive atmosphere created in this track, will be the best choice for this year Christmas projects!

19. Christmas Time Is Coming by music2noise

I like the catchy and effective main melody, and the arrangement immediately brings Christmas to mind. The development of the track gives us enough variety to keep the listener interested while never being too distracting.

20. Christmas Logo by FirstNote

This logo instantly captures the joyful spirit of Christmas and creates a festive mood within seconds! Featuring an entire orchestra and accentuated by happy sleigh bells it is a very versatile opener for all Christmas projects!

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