Cyber Monday: Get 50% Off on Selected Music, Footage & Templates for Your Video Project

We all know that video editing is a time-consuming process. So why not save yourself some time and take advantage of all the great pre-made templates, transitions, graphics, etc. available on the market today.

Happily, we’re celebrating Cyber Monday, with an irresistible 50% off specially selected items in our sale. The sale starts today and runs all week until the 27th of November, so don’t delay! To give you a taste of the kind of great deals we have on offer, here’s a selection of 15 of the best items for videographers—all half price this week!

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1. Instagram Stories

No one likes boring stories, and this Instagram Stories templates pack will take you a long way to creating stories your followers can’t wait to watch. The pack contains 30 amazing Adobe After Effects templates. All you need to do is add your own photos and/or videos, replace the text, and you’re ready to rake in the likes. If you’re a business trying to get eyes on the page, these templates will definitely do the trick.

Instagram Stories

2. Simple Infographics

Presenting statistical data in an engaging way is always a challenge. But Simple Infographics contain beautiful and professional templates that manage to do just that. The templates are created in Adobe After Effects and saved as .mogrt files, which makes it easy to integrate them into your Adobe Premiere Pro projects. Using the pre-made animated pie charts, timelines, call outs, lower thirds, social media icons, etc., is easy. Just add your data, choose your colour scheme, intro and outro duration time, opacity, and more with just a couple of clicks.

Simple Infographics

3. 10 Mosaic Logo Reveals

Want an arresting way to open up your vlog or video project? Check out 10 Mosaic Logo Reveals. Each of the 10 clips starts with a full screen image that then zooms away from the screen to become just one image in a large mosaic of other images. This mosaic then transitions in one of 10 ways to reveal your logo. The placeholder images can all be replaced with any digital elements you want: icons, photos, videos, text, etc.


4. Slideshow

If you need help creating a great promotional video, teaser or intro for your next video project, Slideshow is just the thing for you. This amazing Adobe After Effects template has a very cool, modern feel and comes in five versions of varying lengths and speeds. It’s modular in structure, which makes it easy to shorten, lengthen, or reorder segments of the template.


5. Light Leaks and Bokeh Vol 1

Give your video footage a vintage look with Light Leaks and Bokeh Vol 1. This popular pack of 15 overlays brings the feel of film to your video footage by adding light leaks, colour shifts, and bokeh. It’s very simple to use—just drop your chosen overlay over the footage you want to affect, and apply the Add or Screen blend modes. The overlays can be used alone or combined with each other in Adobe Premier Pro, Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc.

Light Leaks and Bokehs Vol 1

6. Cooking Intro

Video openers whet the viewers appetite for what’s to come and set the tone for your entire video. If you’re looking for just the right intro for a cooking show, check out Cooking Intro. This great Adobe After Effects opener also includes extras like a timer transition card, recipe card, lower thirds, and an outro. All food and appliances images are included, but of course you can replace any or all of them with your own images.

Cooking Intro

7. Book and Magazine Promo

Book and Magazine Promo is certainly a cool and impressive way to advertise a new book, launch a magazine, or show off your portfolio or photos. Just replace the placeholders with your images, add your text, and voila—you’ve got a beautiful, attention-grabbing way to present your work. A detailed video tutorial is included with the Adobe After Effects project.


8. Photo Slideshow

Photo Slideshow is a sweet and sentimental movie template created in Adobe After Effects that can be used to tell stories using photos and text. It is best suited for celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other event where you want to show a series of photos that tell the story of the people being honoured. The template uses filters, light leaks, and the sprocket holes from film stock to create a vintage look.

Photo Slideshow

9. Transitions

If you’re looking for a go-to collection of amazing transitions you can dip into whenever you need to add some visual interest to your video projects, you can’t go wrong with the bestseller, Transitions. With over 1,500 dynamic After Effects transitions, this package is the perfect addition to any videographer’s resource library.


10. TypoKing

TypoKing is another great addition to any videographer’s resource library. The pack offers over 500 animated titles, all of which are customisable so that they fit in with the look of your project. Once downloaded, the package uses a simple drag-and-drop installation and is compatible with both Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro. With TypoKing, you never have to rack your brain to come up with ideas of what to do with text.


11. Awards Show

For those times when you need an intro, an outro, a promo, a lower third, or a transition with a big dose of glitz and glamour, there’s Awards Show. This Adobe After Effects collection contains several elements of varying lengths, with the longer pieces being modular in structure so that you can lengthen, shorten, or move them around as needed.

Awards Show

12. Typography | FCPX & Apple Motion

If you use Final Cut Pro, you’ll be interested in this great package. Typography is an Apple Motion template featuring 40 unique text animations which would work well with a wide variety of projects, from corporate to creative. What’s more, the template also offers 40 unique animated background images that’ll add a lot of character to any creative project.


13. History Timeline Opener

History Timeline Opener is a beautifully constructed one-minute intro which uses time and history as its inspiration. It has a nostalgic vintage style and would work well as an opener for a documentary or any other project that’s focused on telling a story about past events. For example, you could use it on a corporate video for a brief recap of the company’s founding and major milestones in its history.

History Timeline Opener

14. Graphics Pack

Yet another very useful collection for every videographer’s resource library is Graphics Pack, a collection of over 750 beautifully executed graphic elements of every description. There are icons, overlays, various kinds of transitions, logo reveals, shapes, backgrounds, callouts, lower thirds, titles, infographics, typography, and so much more. A videographer’s dream.


15. Event Promo

Need help building a promotional video for an event? You can’t go wrong with Event Promo. The 50-second Adobe After Effects template features quick cuts, dynamic transitions, and lots of cool animated graphics. All you need to do is replace the placeholders with your own images and/or videos, edit the text, and add audio. The template is modular in structure, so you can easily make the changes you need to the duration. There’s also a video tutorial to get you up and running in no time.

Event Promo

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