What the Daily Show, Doctor Who and the Australian Government Used From Envato

5 famous places Envato items have been used.


Welcome to the Famous 5: 5 famous places Envato items have been used.

The Daily Show & DJ Khaled

Item used: American Bald Eagle, Running Cheetah, Little Hippo Underwater, Polar Bear, White Fairy Tale Unicorn Walks, Big Black Hippopotamus Open his Mouth, Komodo Dragon, European Hedgehog by Multipedia

First today, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has used an Envato item in this truly ridiculous piece featuring Noah and “living meme” DJ Khaled.

The segment begins with Noah reviewing the day’s headlines, losing hope that world will ever get out of its current slump. Enter DJ Khaled who pulls the late night host out from behind his desk and into “Khaled’s World”, which is almost entirely made up of items by Envato author Multipedia.

Including, American Bald Eagle, Running Cheetah, Little Hippo Underwater, Polar Bear, White Fairy Tale Unicorn Walks, Big Black Hippopotamus Opens his Mouth, Komodo Dragon, and European Hedgehog.

Gee Daily Show, stock up why don’t you. I love it.

Doctor Who?

Item used: Big Bang by SpaceStockFootage

Each week in the UK around 5 million people tune in to watch venerable sci-fi series, Doctor Who. On a recent evening SpaceStockFootage happened to be one of them when he noticed something familiar pop up on his telly.

Right there in the middle of episode 8 of season 10, which is currently airing, he saw his item Big Bang make an appearance.

“I wasn’t there at the time, so I’ve used some artistic license…” he says of the item.

Apparently it looks realistic enough.


Item used: Happy Corporate Ukulele & Whistle by UJ-pro

SHAREit is an app that allows you to share files, videos and more from one phone to another.

It’s apparently simple, fast, and its commercial uses Happy Corporate Ukulele & Whistle by UK-pro.

It’s been viewed nearly 9 million times on YouTube.


Item used: Energetic Indie Rock by AurusAudio, Energetic Indie Rock by WaveToys

Imagine. Exhilerate. Amaze.

Luxury carmaker Lexus has released a video looking ahead to its future, featuring two tracks, both called Energetic Indie Rock by AurusAudio and WaveToys, respectively.

It’s one of those fluffy ads that shows a lot of futuristic, innovative looking things, over narration featuring buzz words like “Imagine, Exhilarate, and Amaze”. And I live for it.

And it’s not the first time AurusAudio has had this particular track used by a big brand. YouTube used Energetic Indie Rock in their much reviled YouTube Heroes video last year. And PewDiePie also used it in his parody of that very piece.

Nice one.

Australia’s Liberal Party Makes a Youth Site Posing as Junkee

Item used: Newspaper by tagDiv, Big Pack of Elements by Motion-Land

Item used: Big Pack of Elements by Motion-Land

And finally today to something I’m sure the makers of this next project wish was a bit more famous and little less infamous.

Australia’s Liberal Party, which is currently in government, recently launched a new website focused trying to connect with millennials called The Fair Go.

It aims to get the country’s younger generation familiar and talking about pet right wing issues like, how the unions are abusing your retirement funds, and educating us on the fact that apparently women are just people.

It’s a familiar storyline: An out of touch group of politicians attempting to talk to youths and producing cringe-worthy results. But wait, the story gets even more delicious.

After the site’s launch, Australian pop culture publication, Junkee, noticed something familiar about The Fair Go. It’s design was identical to Junkee’s.

After some high tech hacking, which involved right clicking and inspecting the page source, Junkee confirmed The Fair Go is built off of ThemeForest theme, Newspaper by tagDiv, which is great. But, that the site’s designer changed literally every element of it, including the fonts, to look like the pop culture site.

And here’s where I wonder what the strategy here actually is. Is it, “If we make it look like Junkee, they’ll just read it and think it is Junkee because young people are stupid”?

Not long after the Junkee expose, the site mysteriously updated their design with new fonts. A fact which Junkee of course then included as an update to their article.

It was all very amusing.

Whatever your feelings on the subject, it’s great to see the Aussie government buying products from one of their own.

In fact, they love us so much they’ve used Motion-Land’s fantastic VideoHive item Big Pack of Elements in a video currently sitting on their front page.

Thanks Prime Minister Turnbull!

And that’s the Famous 5 for this week.

Cheers to the Envato Community for scouting out Envato items that have popped up in famous places, keep them coming!

And thanks to designercow for designing our logo.

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Bye bye!


Tropical House by VISIONSS

Videogame Theme 1 by Sound-Tricks

Sci-Fi Background by Electrokid

Awkward Comedy by lucafrancini

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