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Deconstructing 20 Video Projects Made by the Envato Community

Watch some of the coolest and most creative videos our customers have crafted with assets from the Envato Market

It’s amazing how a video evolves when the right music, stock footage, text template, or opener is added.

Since Envato provides tools for creative projects all over the world, here are 20 examples of the magic that happens when video and asset pairing is perfect. Here are some of the most creative videos we’ve seen from our community (and the stock video & audio items they used to create them):

1. Bahar Store Commercials by Tjumpus

Tjumpus’s cosmetics commercial for Bahar Store expertly takes advantage of what Envato has to offer. The fun is dialed up with this lively AudioJungle choice, “Stomp” by Music-Life, and a few bright VideoHive assets. This ad is buoyant, full of color, and makes me want a new lipstick.

Assets Used:

2. Vogue – The Bachchan Women | 2017 by KaushikSinha

Watch on Vimeo.

This fashion video for Indian Vogue is sexy and full of class, just like the Bachchan family it captures. The shots of the famous Bollywood family are high fashion, but at the same time, intimate and clearly show the bond between them. KaushikSindha’s choice to use “In Future Bass” by Ghostbox provides a graceful frame for the video.

Asset Used:

3.City of Loveland: What’s Not to Love? by johnarooo

If you’ve never been to Loveland, Colorado, you’ll want to go after seeing johnarooo’s video. The upbeat and energetic music and templates he uses are perfect for the promo video about this bustling little city that has it all.

Assets Used:

4.Epic Backpacking in New Zealandby robinbpkg

After you return from Loveland, CO full of good food, booze, and music, watch robinbpkg’s Epic Backpacking video and plan your heart-stopping adventure to New Zealand. Full of action, the powerful pacing of the music and template choices keeps you intently watching… and adding things to your bucket list.

Assets Used:

5. Farleigh School by SIITWN

No kid wants to sit straight and still in a classroom all day. This promo video by SIITWN shows the dynamic and creative teaching style at Farleigh School where students are encouraged to grow and explore. The AudioJungle track “Action Claps and Drums” by RedOctopus pairs flawlessly with the VideoHive template by vystina to create a video that reminds us that school doesn’t have to be boring.

Assets Used:

6. Victoria Golf & Country Resortby ayeshafernando

This promo video for the Victoria Golf & Country Resort is full of beautiful aerial footage of Sri Lanka. Information about the resort is highlighted on the “Universal 3D Flag” animation by TransSMaxX, with JanLesniak’s track “Inspiration,” framing the whole video. It’s skillfully presented and tied nicely together with multiple assets.

Assets Used:

7. Quick trip to the airport by zlendan

Zlendan is a master at capturing quiet, everyday moments with his camera and making them magical. While “Hip-Hop” by NewLifeMusic plays in the background, this sweet little trip to the airport becomes an adventure.

Asset Used:

8. Target – Lil Yachty x Carly Rae Jepsen Grammy Spot by JoshGoldenberg

The way JoshGoldenberg uses assets from VideoHive in this Target ad is so fun. From minute 0:30-0:45, we see Lil Yachty put on a pair of virtual reality goggles and transported into a sea-faring, graphics-heavy world filled with Envato stock elements.

Assets Used:

9. Juárez Bodas by Ukyrent

Don’t let your boda become blah. Ukyrent’s ad for Juárez Bodas shows this event services company is big and bold. To match that excitement, the “Energetic Stomps Claps” from AudioJungle and the Fast Opener template from VideoHive keep the energy high and the viewers engaged.

Assets Used:

10. Star Story: The Horizon Escape Teaser by max-vostorg

It’s hard to believe that Sinfoart’s song “Cactus Lee” wasn’t written specifically for this video game trailer by max-vostorg. This is an prime example of the magic that happens when a member finds their match made in AudioJungle-heaven.

Asset Used:

11. Crossfit G2 – Imagin8tions by chuknano

I know I’m not the only one who loves videos of athletes paired with a good dubstep song. Chuknano’s video profile of the CrossFit G2 box in Madrid is edited perfectly to match the athlete footage with both the smoothness and the intensity of papneo’s “Motivational Dubstep” track. I’m inspired to get back to the gym! …on Monday.

Asset Used:

12. Value Proposition Video by dmthelma

Dmthelma’s Value Proposition Video demonstrates how far you can go with animation assets from Envato. These logos and icons from multiple authors work together brilliantly with the animations by IronNetwork. Plus, learning about accounts payable is a lot more fun in cartoon world.

Assets Used:

13. Video Guided Tour: Blazer Estate in Fort Myers, FL by dcartizt

This realty company video tour by dcartizt makes me want to speed things up for a retirement in Florida. The funky music matches the hip vibe of the stunning house, while the clean VideoHive template provides important information for prospective buyers.

Assets Used:

14. Johan Martin Modern Boutique Cakes Course by amnonhaas

This video by amnonhaas features Chef Johan Martin from Bellouet Conseil School in Paris making the most delicious French sweets I’ve never had. The video is simply beautiful, the track from JamesKing_s is delightful, and Chef Martin is some sort of patisserie wizard.

Asset Used:

15. Picnic Crash by BlueBeardStudio

Who knew that computer files were so loveable? BlueBeardStudio’s choice of lighthearted music and voice tracks bring this cute animation to life in this advertisement for Disk Drill. I enjoy these little guys so much that I wish the video was longer, which is something I’ve never said about a commercial.

Assets Used:

16. Build Something Epic | EarthWorks by rosscreativeedge

The stone buildings in this video by rosscreativeedge are beyond impressive. And while the structures are stunning, I also love seeing a snapshot of the workers who create them. “Stomp Clap Slap Kit,” is the perfect choice for music since it mirrors the sounds of the hammering, breaking, and sawing. It’s an overall great video.

Asset Used:

17. Under the Water by anneguinot

Under The Water

Très contente de vous présenter mon tout premier projet vidéo! J'ai eu vraiment beaucoup de plaisir à réaliser ce projet… J'espère qu'il vous plaira !!!C'est l'histoire d'une mère et de ses deux garçons qui vivent dans un monde sous-marin parallèle. Protégés par l'eau, ils vivent leur amour comme dans une bulle. Jusqu'à ce que la mère réalise qu'ils sont malheureusement prisonniers de leur monde à eux et qu'elle décide de les emmener avec elle hors du bocal …. 🐠🐠🐠Un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont collaboré de loin ou de près à ce projet et un merci tout spécial à Anne, tu as été merveilleuse …Et aussi à mes enfants, Théo et Enzo toujours prêts à se jeter à l'eau pour leur maman.

Posted by AnneCharlotte Guinot on Sunday, June 25, 2017

Anneguinot’s story of an underwater family is emotional and enchanting. The shots of the woman and two children living together under the water are gracefully framed by the track “Discovery” by Marcozannone. The story is slow and graceful and wonderful to watch.

Asset Used:

18. HI-Lapse OAHU by primomedia74

Dying to go to Hawaii but don’t have the time? Primomedia74 uses over 60,000 still shots to create this mesmerizing time-lapse of Oahu. The AudioJungle track by YetiProduction brings an extra level of cinematic awe to these epic nature scenes.

Asset Used:

19. Vídeo Corporativo Explicativo Com in-Genio by cagper

Black and white looks so good in this video profile for a technology company in Cali, Colombia. Cagper embraces the beauty of minimalism with the VideoHive slideshow template and mellow, rhythmic AudioJungle track.

Assets Used:

20. Walking Distance-Travel Guide by nimrodrn

There’s so much to see in this world, and this video travel guide ad by nimrodrn provides a dazzling picture of your holiday possibilities. It’s also a great example of how the title of an Envato asset shouldn’t limit your imagination: the use of the VideoHive template Wedding Titles works excellently for the text here.

Assets Used:

A list of only 20 videos simply can’t capture all of the awesome things our customers are doing, so thank you to everyone who shared their amazing projects. Keep creating and sharing – we love seeing more Envato video masterpieces!

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