Decorations, Discounts, Designs: Last-Minute New Years Ideas for Your Website


As the year draws to a close, almost all of us are getting ready for the biggest party of the year. And a new year means new business opportunities, new goals, and plenty of New Year’s decisions that we hope to see through and improve our lives and businesses.

And just as you are getting ready to ring in the New Year, now is the best time to put a little thought into getting your website ready for the celebration and sharing the holiday spirit with anyone who comes to your website in search of advice, a service or a product.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of spicing up your website for the holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 7 tips on adding extra touches to your website that let you to ring in the New Year in style.

7 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s On Your Website

1. Change Your Theme

You know how the saying goes: “Out with the old, in with the new!” Well, now is a great time to consider refreshing your website and updating its look. If you’re running a WordPress website, there are plenty of multi-purpose themes that come with skins made specifically for the holidays.


Mist is one of those themes and on top of having a holiday style, it also comes with plenty of different layouts to suit the needs of small businesses, creative agencies, freelancers, and bloggers alike. This means you can select the New Year template to add festive cheer to your site and then switch to a more corporate layout after the holidays.

On top of that, the theme is fully responsive and easy to customize, not to mention packed with additional features such as WooCommerce support, FontAwesome icons, SEO-friendly code, and more.

2. Add Decorative Elements

If you’re not keen on changing the look of your website completely, consider adding a few decorative elements to add a subtle holiday touch.


Using a script font like Octavina in your header banner or as an accent in your sidebar or headings is a great way to highlight the season thematically and it adds a touch of elegance to your website. Octavina Script features 394 glyphs and 216 alternate character along with opentype features, stylistic alternates, ligatures, and more. The file contains desktop and webfont versions of the font so you can easily add it to your website.


Alternatively, consider adding festive icons such as these to highlight different sections of your website and bring them to attention. This collection contains 30 Christmas and New Year icons in various formats, PNG included, so you should have no problems adding them anywhere you want.

3. Send a Festive Newsletter

Sending a festive newsletter can be a great way to send your clients, customers, and business partners best wishes for the upcoming year. And when you choose a template such as the New Year Newsletter, you can rest assured you’ll put a smile on their faces.


The template has several holiday-themed layouts to choose from and you can use it to send a promotional code or a last-minute discount as a special gift to end the year on a high note.

4. Offer a Discount

Black Friday may be behind us, but there is still time to make a few sales and close a few deals. Consider creating a special discount code that’s valid for all purchases until midnight on New Year’s Eve to boost your sales and ring in the New Year.

You can send the discount to all your email subscribers or offer it as an incentive to all those who sign up for your newsletter before the year ends. If you run a brick and mortar shop, offer a printable coupon that your customers can print out and bring to your physical location to obtain the discount.

Don’t forget to promote it on your social media channels for maximum exposure–you might just win a few new customers over.

5. Create a New Year’s Sale

Alternatively, you can mark down a few items in your store and market them as a part of a New Year’s special sale or even go a step further and mark down all your products until midnight of New Year’s Eve.


Similarly to the idea above, sending out a promotional newsletter and marketing it via social media is the best way to spread the word about it. Not only will it attract new customers but it will also bring back your existing customers who want to celebrate early.

Needless to say, both methods can also work if you’re service oriented and want to draw in a few new clients before the year ends.

6. Create a Loyalty/Membership Program

If you’ve been toying with the idea of creating a loyalty program, now is the best time to do it. The idea behind a loyalty program is simple: you reward customers for any purchases they make by giving them points which they can then use towards their next purchase.


There are many ways to do this and the execution is entirely up to you. You can reward points anytime someone makes a purchase in your store, whether you sell products or services. You can also add an incentive to gain additional points if they visit your website, follow you on social media, answer a survey, share a photo of them using your product, or something else super creative of your choosing.

7. Hold a Contest

Everyone loves winning a prize so why not use this to your advantage? Take stock of the most popular item in your shop or your most popular service, then create a simple contest where the winner gets the item or the service that was your best performer.

The rules of the contest need to be spelled out clearly on your website and you are only limited by your imagination. You could hold a contest which involves customers sharing a photo of your product or captioning a photo that you post on social media or on your website.


You can also ask they draw a company mascot or name it if you already have the artwork for it.

Doing this not only allows you to get more eyes on your products and services but it also makes your customers feel like they are a part of your company.

Celebrate The New Year In Style

Celebrating with your friends and family is the most important thing this time of year, but as a business owner, you shouldn’t forget your customers, clients, and your business partners, too. One of the best ways to celebrate the end of another successful year in style is to create an irresistible offer on your website paired with some holiday design touches that will highlight the season.

Use any of the tips mentioned in this article to add that festive feeling to your website or use them as a starting point to come up with your own ideas. No matter which route you go, not only will you be able to give your sales one last boost but you will also create a better relationship with your customers by generously rewarding them for their loyalty.


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