Web Design (And Fashion) Trends for Summer 2017

Watercolor is big this year. 

It can be seen everywhere from personal blogs and big brand publications to home decor and high fashion designs. From the whimsical and feminine to the bold and abstract, watercolor adds a more personalized, textured touch to your designs and branding.

Image: Spring and summer 2017 fashions, Vogue.
Organic Striped Watercolor Wallpaper by Philip Jeffries.

Combine fine art and graphic design to create and customize beautiful works of art with this artistic approach! Here’s a list of some of our favorite watercolor designs to add to your tool kit.

In this collection:

  • Florals
  • Plants & animals
  • Everyday objects
  • Textures, patterns & backgrounds


1. Watercolor Roses

Watercolor Roses is a beautiful floral watercolor collection ideal for wedding invitations, handmade craft items, scrap booking, printed paper items and more.

2. Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor Flowers is a kit of hand-drawn vector elements, including flowers, herbs, ribbons, bouquets and wreaths. It’s perfect for invitations, stationery, packaging, greeting cards, websites, logos, and prints. You can also use the elements to design your own mugs, tote bags, and t-shirts.

3. Sepia Flowers

Sepia Flowers includes floral handmade clipart. It’s great for stationary, invitations, craft items, scrap booking, and printed paper items.

4. Watercolor Flowers Pack

Watercolor Flowers Pack includes 100 customizable elements and 10 stunning greeting card designs.

5. Watercolor Enthusiast Graphic Kit

The Watercolor Enthusiast Graphic Kit offers a set of high-quality, highly detailed watercolor illustrations. The kit includes flowers, minerals, leaves, shells, and easily adjustable pre-made compositions and patterns to use to design wedding invitations, packaging, stationery, logos, merchandise, posters, websites, and digital presentations. The kit also includes vector versions of every elements to make your workflow convenient and fluid.

6. FlorArt Watercolor Kit

FlorArt is a kit of 30+ watercolor vector elements including flowers, leaves, and herbs that can be used to create stunning typography, posters, banners, website graphics, and print and apparel designs. The images are created using a watercolor sketch style. The combination of bold inking and minimalistic painting creates a lovely watercolor sketch style.

7. Watercolor Collection

Watercolor Collections offers a variety of hand painted watercolor clip art designs including bright roses and glitter leaves that can be mixed and matched to make beautiful creations.

8. Watercolor Floral Design Kit

Watercolor Floral Design Kit contains more than 40 watercolor flowers, about 40 floral elements, 7 watercolor bouquets, 12 decorative borders, 20 hand-painted banners, and 6 watercolor textures for endless design options. With all these elements you can create postcards, greeting cards, invitations, and wedding stationery.

Plants & Animals 

9. Watercolor Leaves Collection 

Watercolor Leaves Collection offers vibrant watercolor designs that can be used for any digital or paper project. Ideal for invitations, blogs and announcement cards.

10. Watercolor Foliage

Watercolor Foliage offers 30 leaf clip art images, 6 watercolor patters and 6 wreaths!

11. Vector Watercolor Tropical Leaves

Vector Watercolor Tropical Leaves offers beautiful bright designs that will transport you to the tropics! Perfect for stationary, invitations, greeting cards, and blogs.

12.  Watercolour Amazon Clipart

The Watercolour Amazon Set includes high quality hand painted tropical leaves and animals in a bright and fresh color palette. It includes 4 seamless patterns and 9 isolated objects.

13. Watercolor Zodiac

Beautiful Watercolor Zodiac creations are ideal for invitations, logos, business cards, handmade craft items, scrap booking, printed paper items and more!

14. Animal Zone

Animal Zone is a collection of 45 watercolor animal silhouettes painted using a wet watercolor technique. The collection also includes pre-made logo and card templates, wreaths and bouquets. Great to use for logo design, business cards, invitations, web design, posters, flyers and more.

15. Watercolor Feathers

Watercolor Feathers includes 10 high resolution png files for creating wonderful wreath compositions.

16. Enchanted Watercolor Kit

Enchanted Watercolor Kit is an enormous collection of decorative elements like florals, floral wreaths, leaves, feathers, tribal elements, deer, and many other illustrations that will cover you for any design purpose. There are also six vivid patterns crafted using watercolor elements from the kit.

Everyday objects

17. Fairy Watercolors

Fairy Watercolors includes 10 papers and patterns, 11 rabbits, 24 sprigs, and 4 watercolor ink images for endless design possibilities.

18. The Bikes Set

The Bikes Set offers lovely watercolor illustrations of bicycles and scooters that can be used for designs, invitations, greeting cards, and stationary.

19. Retro Cars & Cities Streets

Retro Cars and Cities Streets is a collection of the hand-drawn watercolor retro cars, international city streets and houses.

20. Tea Time

Tea Time offers beautiful watercolor graphics that are great for stationary, invitations, greeting cards and more.

Textures, patterns & backgrounds

21. Seamless Patterns 

This pack of 10 seamless watercolor patterns, backgrounds, papers and textures is perfect for packaging, scrapbooking, web design, stationery etc. All images are square high resolution graphics.

22. Watercolor Chevron Backgrounds

Watercolor Chevron Backgrounds offers 12 sheets, each with their own unique look and feel. They were created using paper textures, fuzz, some texture brushes. These hand-made designs are perfect for your next creative project.

23. Watercolor Vision Vector Patterns

This new watercolor set of seamless vector patterns includes 20 beautiful and vivid patterns perfect for packaging design, branding, wedding & invitation cards, apparel, scrapbooking, home decor (pillows, towels, etc.), fashion and more.

24. Bright Watercolor Textures Pack

Bright Watercolor Textures Pack offers a mix of soft and vibrant watercolor textures that can be used for handmade crafting of all sorts: invitations, cards, party banners, gift tags, packaging, party supplies, digital scrapbooking, and web design.

25. Watercolor Backgrounds

Watercolor Backgrounds contains 10 gorgeous abstract watercolor backgrounds for your creative projects.

26. Space Watercolor Backgrounds

Watercolor Space Backgrounds includes 10 unique hand made watercolor backgrounds that are out of this world.

27. Colorful Dust Backgrounds

Colorful Dust Backgrounds contains 10 vibrant abstract backgrounds perfect for packaging, invitations, cards, and web design.

28. Colorful Watercolor Backgrounds

Colorful Watercolor Backgrounds includes 10 artistic watercolor backgrounds for your design projects.

29.  Abstract Acid Marble Texture

This watercolor pack includes 10 modern marble textures inspired by ice, landscape, acid & clouds. These high quality graphics are perfect for clothing patterns, tote bags, phone cases, and various print and web designs.

30. Black Ink Backgrounds Vol. 2

Black Ink Backgrounds offers classic handmade black ink designs and textures for cards, invitations, posters, web, banners, presentations, and logos.

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