Hire Yourself to Write the Copy for Your Design Portfolio Website

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Creating the written content for your online portfolio can seem like an overwhelming prospect when considering the entire process as a whole. Each page requires multiple necessary elements for telling the story of your business and work, while also encouraging visitors to get in touch with you to discuss business opportunities. If writing really isn’t your thing, the idea of sitting down and getting everything done can be something that ends up getting pushed back indefinitely.

Don’t let overwhelm get in the way of creating a design portfolio website that’s perfectly representative of you, while driving leads for new business opportunities. Here’s how to DIY the copywriting for your design portfolio website, one manageable page element at a time:

Home Page

The homepage is arguably the most important page for your business, where visitors first land to learn more about you. As such, it should be constructed with care, incorporating multiple conversions factors encouraging visitors to move deeper into your website (or get in touch), while also telling the story of what makes you unique.

Here are some important elements to include on your design portfolio website’s homepage, with a few tips for writing them:

Other homepage elements you may want to include (but don’t necessarily need to create copy for) include:

About Page

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Writing an irresistible about page is no easy feat, so consider making the job a bit easier by separating your writing into a few distinct pieces:

While you’re working on the copy for your about page, you might also consider drawing inspiration from examples of awesome about pages.

Services Page(s)

A service page or individual service pages give context to how you provide that given service as an individual.

If you have just one service page, it’ll probably need:

If you have one page per service area (recommended), you’ll want to think of content in terms of:

More so than any other page on your design portfolio website, it’s a good idea to directly embed contact forms on service pages.

Contact Page

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Your contact page won’t require a lot of copy, but rather the smart arrangement of multiple options for getting in touch.

If your graphic design business targets local business, it will be essential to provide the NAP on your contact page (and footer). This abbreviation refers to the company’s official name, address, and phone number. You’ll get bonus points with local SEO if you also embed a Google Map with your businesses location on your contact page.

Here are a few ways you can encourage people to get in touch on your contact page:

Blog Page

The main consideration for creating copy on your blog page is the blog itself, which is definitely outside of the scope of this article! That said, there is one particular page element worth focusing on that you may have to create some copy for—the sidebar.

Some people choose to go without a sidebar, preferring not to distract from the actual blog content. But here are a few blog sidebar content elements you might consider incorporating:

Hiring Yourself to Write the Copy For Your Design Portfolio Website

Broken up into bite-sized elements, the prospect of doing the copywriting for your own design portfolio website seems completely achievable. For best results, give yourself enough time to focus on each individual element. Don’t try to rush the process, which can break down under a tight deadline.

What other tips would you give to a person undertaking the task of copywriting their own design portfolio website?