Discovering the stock music market got JonnyMakesJazz back into composing

JonnyBoyleMusic going from giving up composing to rediscovering his passion for it after coming across the stock music market.

JonnyMakesJazz shares his journey from becoming an aspiring composer for TV, giving up music, then picking it up again after discovering the stock music market.

10 – 15 years ago I made an attempt at becoming a composer for TV.

So, I sent a demo to a library who specialised in ‘chill-out’ music. They liked a Latin/Bossa type of track that I had written and encouraged me to send more in that style. I had a little bit of success, getting quite a few TV placements, including on ‘The O.C.’ and ‘Weeds’, as well as several BBC programs like Nigella Lawson’s cooking series.

But when the library stopped accepting new music, and new borns took over my life, I decided to give up.

At the end I had several pieces of music sitting idle on a CDR for a long time.

…when the library stopped accepting new music…I decided to give up.

Then last year, my wife showed me an article in the Guardian featuring someone who made their living online, including licensing music on AudioJungle. I hadn’t heard of AudioJungle, or the royalty free/stock music market before. So, I looked into it and thought it might be worth uploading my library of unused music I’d been holding onto for years.

The first track was ‘Grande Bouche’ which I renamed ‘French Swing and Sunshine’ to suit the market.

To my astonishment the track had two sales within the first 24 hrs. Some more of my old tracks were added, and a few modest sales later, I had caught the bug and started composing again, specifically for AudioJungle.

Nine months, a few hundred sales and a featured track later, composing is again a big part of my life.

I am also proud of that track as a piece of work. I composed it as I attempted to learn a new style – French Gypsy Jazz. And as I learned more about the harmony, sound and technique of this style, I added those things to the composition. Then, before recording, I had to spend many hours practicing the fast runs I had written. This style is now my main focus and one l love writing in.

…composing is again a big part of my life.

These days my main job is Guitar Tuition, and for the last number of years I have been teaching in the evenings and looking after my kids during the day. But now that the kids are in school until the afternoon, I have the opportunity to work on writing and recording music. Teaching is still my main source of income, but I would love to see my success on AudioJungle grow, perhaps to the point where the money I get from teaching becomes my secondary income.

So, thanks to Envato and the community for getting me passionate about writing music again!

You can purchase ‘French Swing and Sunshine’ and check out JonnyMakesJazz’s profile on AudioJungle

Feature image: elnavegante