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What Donald Trump, Suzuki and More Made With Envato

Every day, people create things using products from Envato. From websites for small businesses to music videos for massive artists like Kanye West, our marketplaces serve a wide variety of customers.

Made with Envato is our initiative to unearth and share what our community of customers make using our products. In this article, we’ll take a look through some of the best audio and video projects shared with us in the last two months. Including by one of the most powerful, and heavily spray tanned political leaders in the world.

Donald Trump

Using: Suspense by Andrew_G

In case you’ve forgotten, Donald Trump is the actual president of the United States. Yet, even though he won the race for the White House over a year ago, he’s treated his first twelve months as if he’s still campaigning against Hillary Clinton. Case in point is this video released on his Facebook page in December.

Using Envato item, Suspense by Andrew_G, the video criticizes former FBI chief, James Comey, and claims the FBI’s reputation is in tatters. “But fear not,” he says. “…we will bring it back to greatness.”

The video has been viewed 884 thousand times.


Using: I Feel like a King by AVOCADO_SOUND

Suzuki has used the Envato track I Feel like a King in an ad for its SV650X ABS motorbike.

The title, which makes up the lyrics of the track, really sums up what this ad is trying to do for the viewer – make them feel like a king. And it mostly succeeds.


Using: Fight Night Opener by nixstudioedition

US TV show, Bull, has used nixstudioedition’s Fight Night Opener in the ninth episode of its second season which aired around Thanksgiving.

After releasing his team to enjoy the holidays with their families, Bull finds himself working solo, helping a boxer being tried for murder. In a scene centered around the wrestling ring, you can see the Envato item.


Using: Inspiring Cinematic by original_soundtrack

Door company, Doorson, has used Inspiring Cinematic by original_soundtrack in this montage showing off their product. You get a glimpse of the technology, and of the door in action, as well as the ways you can customize your door. And it’s all tied together by this purposefully intense track.

Battle Dogs by Rooster Games

Using: Action Dubstep 2 by kloudization

Rooster Games which has over 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube has put together this trailer for their game, Battle Dogs, available on Google Play. It offers a quick run through some of the action of the game. It’s made all the more snappy by the use of Action Dubstep 2 the track by kloudization.


Using: Timelapse Trip-Hop by khursey

This epic showreel from Video Effects company, Iloura, shows off their ability to create realistic environments and blend it with real footage. The sensational visuals paired with Timelapse Trip-Hop by khursey make a great video.


Using: Epic Technological Trailer by new-genesis

Immortal-arts, which also specializes in creating real looking visuals that are actually CGI, have used Epic Technological Trailer by new-genesis in its showreel. The track helps create a sense of epic excitement.

Christina Aguilera

Using: Wind of Change by Wayman

Christina Aguilera wrote the song “Change” in response to the Orlando shooting that happened in 2016 at a gay nightclub. To roll the song out, the pop music artist created a lyric video that blended the song’s words with images of herself growing up. To achieve this she used Wayman’s Wind of Change template from VideoHive. It perfectly captures the intimate nature of this song.

Marc Pro

Using: Action Sport by florews

This Marc Pro Crossfit commercial aired nationally in the US during the 2017 Reebok Crossfit Games. It’s a slick video, showing a lot of incredibly fit people exercising. And, it uses Action Sport by florews.


Using: Traveler by MValentino

This animated video from Greenpeace, made by Latte Creative, is gorgeous in its visuals but serious in its message. It focuses on explaining the case of 30 peaceful protestors who were imprisoned for hooliganism, asking for the world’s support to help free them. It’s very effective and uses Traveler by MValentino.


Using: Energetic Sports Stomps & Claps by melodrama

Uberchord is a crowdfunding product that aims to create an app to help people learn to play instruments using their mobile phone or tablet. The video conveys a lot of information, with no voice over and all through text. It uses Energetic Sports Stomps & Claps by melodrama.


Using: Uptown Summer Funk by ABSounds

So… this ad is kinda weird. To advertise Listerine, the company employed a guy to dance in the street and try and get people to join in. 25 people agree to dance. 18 of them happen to use Listerine. And, uh… that’s that. It uses Uptown Summer Funk by ABSounds.

The Infamous Team

Using: In Future Bass by Seven_Pounds

This impressive video from Infamous Team has gotten over 128 thousand views on Facebook. It features people on dirt bikes doing stunts and uses In Future Bass by Seven_Pounds.

Outlaw Partners

Using: Dubstep Ident by Andy_Grey

This montage of Julian Carr skiing, by Outlaw Partners, uses the track Dubstep Ident by Andy_Grey. It’s well shot, well edited and quick.


Using: Arrow Slide by yeremia, Mobile Phone Corporate by BILDER

MobiSlyder is Glidetrack’s answer to smooth panning when filming something on a mobile phone. And, for the product video, they’ve used video graphics template Arrow Slide by yeremia, as well as the Mobile Phone Corporate template by BILDER.

It’s well paced, mixed with clear and well-shot footage of the product as well as 3D mockups of it. And, the template ties it all together really well. It’s great use of an Envato item.

Mario Sandoval

Using: Journey to the Inside of a Sponge, Microscopic Filamentous Algae, Bipartition cell. Reproduction 01, Embryonic Formation, Microscopic Filamentous Algae and Mosquito Larvae 3, Cell Division 3, Microscopic Seed 001 by Juanjosejimenez

This beautiful video, created by Bratvolk Studio for the Spanish chef, Mario Sandoval, explains the concept of macrobiotic food for an event that took place in Madrid. The video is stunning, almost exclusively because of the footage that makes it up. And, that footage happens to be mostly made up of items from Envato. 7 of Juanjosejimenez’s microscopy items feature in the video.

Historia (History Channel Spain)

Using: Microscopy: Mosquito Larvae 08 by Juanjosejimenez

Spain’s version of the History Channel has made a documentary on the rising temperature of the earth, with the use of an Envato item. Another of Juanjosejimenez’s items, stock microscopic footage of a mosquito, features in this promo.

3D Baby Shark Song

Using: The Shark Song by Stockwaves

With over 1 million views on YouTube, this animation by Baby Learning World, a channel which produces nursery rhyme songs and videos, has used Stockwaves’ track The Shark Song. Kids videos like this are very popular on YouTube. Quite often, they’ll use a track like this from a stock music site like our’s, and blend it with their own footage or animation.

Amanda Cerny

Using: Indie Pop by Sokolovsky

Amanda Cerny is a YouTube cosplay queen with over 1.9 million subscribers. Here she shows her audience how to do vintage Catwoman makeup. And for the background music, she’s using Indie Pop by Sokolovsky. The video’s been viewed nearly 1 million times.

NetWork Turkiye

Safari by Nuclearmetal

Finally, this beautiful video by Network Turkiye, offering a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot for its Spring/Summer campaign is a visual treat. Shot on safari in Africa, it’s tied together extremely well by Safari from Envato author, Nuclearmetal.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to projects made with Envato. Check out highlights from past months. And, if you’ve got a project you’ve made with Envato, submit it to our thread on the Envato Forums.


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