Dos and Don’ts About Using Products and Trademarks in your Items


We recently mentioned some upcoming clarification to our approach to using products and trademarks in your items on our Marketplaces. Our guidelines represent an approach to doing the right thing by others, protecting our reputation as a community when it comes to respecting other people’s intellectual property (IP), and making sure our Marketplaces are full of great and original content. We are a creative marketplace, so we are keen to protect creators and ‘do the right thing’

As well as these documents, we’ll be having a discussion about the clarifications over in our Marketplace forums.

We’re soft launching these clarifications to begin with, before we flick the switch and make them review requirements. We want to give you an opportunity to provide feedback about the clarifications. We believe that these clarifications will help our community meet the IP obligations we have to not only one another, but also to other people’s intellectual property rights.

We’re keen to hear what you think, and where appropriate we’ll refine our approach. You may think of some details when looking through the clarifications, and may want to share with us from your day-to-day creative activities on our Marketplaces.

We’re also conscious of the fact that there will be items on the Marketplaces that were submitted before the new approach has been implemented. Although at this stage we’re not planning an immediate retrospective review of all items on our Marketplaces, this is something that we will look into in the future. Until then, only items submitted after these clarifications go live will be subject to the clarified IP approach.

I’ll be getting back to you again in a few weeks with a wrap-up of the feedback, and a final launch of the products and trademarks guidelines for the Marketplaces.

We look forward to all your comments and suggestions, and we thank you for your continued support to make the Envato community what it is: creative, successful and respectful. Once again, please note that comments are closed on this blog post, but we invite you to discuss this subject over on our Marketplace forums. See you there!

Header image credit: Devonyu.