Typography Pairs: 30+ Dynamic Font Duos

Custom font pairs that were made for each other – here’s a collection of our favorites, and some tips for pairing fonts together.

Image: Its Miss Summer Font Duo by swistblnk

Bonnie and Clyde, peanut butter and jelly, Tom & Jerry, Serif + Sans Serif: indisputable perfect pairings.

When it comes to pairing fonts together, there are various design elements to consider: size, bold vs. thin lines, rough vs. smooth edges, spacing. So what works well together and why?

To create balance and harmony in your design you want to you want to choose complimentary fonts. An easy way to do this is to pick fonts in the same font family, which usually includes serif and sans versions of the typeface along with different weights and styles that are designed to work well together. Serif and sans serif fonts are classic combinations that can offer a beautiful balance.

To ensure the design is interesting and eye-catching, it’s also crucial to create a visual hierarchy. It’s like selecting who will play the lead and who will be the supportive sidekick. You can do this easily by varying the boldness, size, and spacing of the fonts.  The hierarchy creates an easy-to-read design and informs your audience where to look first and what information is most important.

What about fonts from different font families? Marrying fonts from different families can create stunning designs. The key here is avoiding conflict. If you choose a font that is especially ornate, you’ll want to select a simple clean font to accompany it. This prevents the fonts from fighting for attention and creates balance in the design. A common pairing is a playful script font with a simple all caps sans.

For more tips, check out the the 10 golden rules to live by when combining fonts.

With so many design elements to consider, you may start to feel like Goldilocks, looking for fonts that aren’t too similar, or too different, but finding a combination that is juuuuustttt right. To take some of the guesswork out of the equation we are providing a list of some beautifully paired fonts. A lot of fonts on Envato Elements come as ‘duos’, not just one, but two fonts that are packaged together because of their complimentary style. Here’s a list of some of our favorite dynamic duos:

Serif + Sans Serif

1. Lance Sans Serif

Lance is an all capitals font duo that works together in harmony. The handcrafted fonts were inspired by bold, classic typography and offer an authentic look ideal for a whole range of creative projects.

Script + All Caps Sans

2. Jimmy

The Jimmy Script font family includes a light handcrafted script and an all caps bold sans font. The Jimmy Script and Jimmy Sans fonts were inspired by the modern vintage trend that is sweeping the design industry. While the Script and Sans fonts can be used effectively on their own, they create magic when combined.

3. Ocean Waves Brush

Ocean Waves Font Duo includes Ocean Waves regular and Ocean Waves monograms. The combination of curly feminine brush fonts with smooth clean uppercase letters works well for various projects.

4. Black and White Typeface

Introducing Black and White hand brushed font duo.  The script was created with a brush and ink offering a bold look with an irregular baseline. The set includes an additional black and white display that works with black and white script to create awesome designs.

5. Brushgyo Typeface 

Introducing Brushgyo duo typeface, a modern script and sans font pairing. Brushgyo duo brother is perfectly suited for logotype design, menu design, t-shirts design and more.

6. Claudhia and Jhelio Brush

Claudhia is bold brush script font. With this modern script and the clean, sleek uppercase font you can take your designs and branding to the next level.

7. Spoodbrush Font

Spoodbrush is a set of handbrushed textured fonts designed to compliment each other.

8. Campfire Stories

Introducing Campfire Stories, a duo of hand-crafted fonts meticulously designed to work in harmony with each other. The pack includes a sans serif uppercase font and an artsy hand-lettered lowercase script that create the perfect pairing.

9. Ramblin

Ramblin Script offers 3 stylish script designs and a hand painted sans font. Play around with the the font options in this pack to create a font match made in heaven.

10. Slav Type

Slav Type is font duo bursting with energy. Slav Type is guaranteed to deliver an unapologetically loud & fast-paced message; ideal for logos, apparel, quotes, and product packaging.

11. Hannah Abbot

Hannah Abbot is a feminine typeface that consists of Hannah Abbot Script and Hannah Abbot Sans. The font is based on hand lettering style that you can use for any design project.

12. Himalaya Set

Himalaya set type is a vintage inspired font duo that includes one script and one sans serif font. The script and sans serif are both hand-drawn with a rough edge. Himalaya set type is an experimental and versatile font ideal for digital lettering, prints, logos, posters and packaging.

13. Jacks Font

Introducing Jacks Font Duo, complimentary modern script and sans serif fonts. This match made in heaven works for many different projects including quotes, blog headers, posters, branding, logos, and invitations.

14. Brûlée

Introducing Brulee Font Duo, a playful, vintage style typeface. Every letter has been carefully crafted to create a unique modern style.

15. Smouchy

Smouchy Font Duo includes a hand-brushed, expressive letter font a classic sans serif typeface.

16. It’s Miss Summer 

Its Miss Summer is a fancy typeface duo perfect for your next project. Customize your creative project with this script and sans font pairing.

17. Forever Summer

Forever Summer is a fun loving font duo that couples sexy script with playful sans serif. Its marker brush strokes give it a gritty and eye popping aesthetic perfect for prints, greeting cards, typography quotes, and branding.

18. Grembo

The Grembo Font Duo is a warm and welcoming combination perfect for invitations, logos, promotional graphics, and more. Grembo Hand is an all caps sans serif font and Grembo Script is a smooth, hand drawn typeface. These two fonts can be used together, or separately. The dynamic duo is as beautiful as it is flexible.

19. Kiwi Refresher 

Kiwi Refresher couples a fresh-faced script with an all-caps sans serif. The font combo is perfect for prints, greeting cards, typography quotes, branding, and more.

20. Pinkerton 

Introduce Pinkerton Handwritting Font Duo typeface. Pinkerton is a flirty playful font that you can use to create gorgeous designs.

21. Paula Paulina 

Paula Paulina is a script and sans duo font that mixes modern hand lettered typeface with a dynamic curvy style. With its bubbly look, Paula Paulina is ideal for greeting cards, stationary and wedding invitations.

22. Whicker

Introducing the handcrafted brush font, Whicker, and its complimentary sans-sidekick. They function great on their own, but truly shine when combined! Perfect for logos, quotes, apparel, branding, and headlines.

23. Blishfully

Mix and match the hand lettered Blishfully script with the all-caps Blishfully sans font for a casual, dynamic look.

24. Readmitted Script

Readmitted Script is a handwritten script font duo. The signature style is friendly and organic.

Script + All Caps Serif

25. Chocolate Milky

Chocolate Milky offers a modern calligraphy script style front and a classic complimentary all capital typeface that make for an excellent pair. The font duo is ideal for wedding invitations, logos, and sticker design.

26. Beautiful Dreams

Beautiful Dreams is a perfectly imperfect handmade font duo. The hand painted brush script and serif font are a match made in heaven.

27. Start Today Script 

Start Today includes a casual hand brushed script with detailed brush stroke texture, and a quirky, all uppercase serif font.

28. Brixton

Introducing Brixton, a handcrafted font family with a unique and timeless personality that is available in 3 weights: light, regular and bold. Brixton is a great display font, particularly for posters, vintage logo design, label design, and packaging.

29. Burtons

Burtons is a delightful font duo. This serif and script combo is perfect for headlines, logos, posters, greeting cards, letterheads, and more.

Futuristic Fonts

30. Ichiji Type

Introducing Ichiji Typeface Duo, a clean, strong, and modern sans serif typeface. Perfect for various projects including quotes, branding, logo design, fashion, and apparel.

31. Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse is a bold font duo that is both clean and edgy. The characters offer a futuristic , eye-catching aesthetic perfect for posters, typography quotes, branding, and more. This typeface duo comes with a full stock photo pack of modern and minimilistic photos to add to your design arsenal.

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