Top WordPress Themes for Nonprofits and Charity Sites

Creating a webpage for your nonprofit is crucial to achieve your goals of attracting volunteers, donors, or the awareness you need to make all the good things that you accomplish possible. You see the magic on the ground, now your website needs to make that come to life on the personal desktop, tablet, and mobile screen. Your WordPress theme should provide the space for your story to shine through, while providing the technical support for viewers to proactively and tangibly engage with your site and your cause.

Whether you are a working in community development abroad or at home, in the theater of the arts or politics, or in the realm of the day-to-day or the big picture of the Earth, your nonprofit WordPress theme should have the following features to share your passion:

A homepage that starts a conversation

On any website, the homepage is the most important in that it makes a statement and has the highest potential to retain visitors to your site. This is even more crucial for nonprofits, who are competing both in-person and online with the numerous organizations and causes out there to evoke empathy and convert compassion into action. Your WordPress template should provide a homepage that accomplishes just that, with a strong image or text and a call-to-action that lead into the complexity of your nonprofit and its mission.

The versatile Charitable template is a great example of a website that has the capacity to grab attention and provide an immediate opportunity to engage between the image header CTA and the color-contrasted “Donate Now” button in the corner. Check out a great example of a homepage with an image, quotation, and CTA on the Housing Works website.

A media gallery that tells your story

Beyond using media strategically on the homepage and throughout the other content pages on your site, incorporating a media gallery page is an ideal way to give your website visitor unlimited material to explore. Whether showcasing the recipients of your work, a past event, or just your team and office, providing a gallery will contribute to the sense of trust donors, partners, and volunteers develop as they make the decision to support your cause. Knock their socks off with captivating evidence of all the great work that you do in a aesthetically-appealing visual gallery.

The gallery template page of the Charity Hub theme showcases a strong way to display your images both with and without captions. Photos can then be enlarged for a closer view with the option to click through using the left and right side arrows. The Clasp International media gallery is a great example of well-organized images and a slideshow feature.

A blog that shares your knowledge and success

Not only are blogs proven to be helpful for SEO purposes and increasing traffic, but also they provide a special storytelling spotlight for nonprofit organizations. On a nonprofit blog you have the space to share challenges, success stories, and lessons learned as you continue your innovative work. A blog is also a space to highlight the humanity of your cause and reflect from different angles in a long-form expository way. Consequently, your website should provide a blog template that will bring your story to life and engage your readers.

The Philanthropy template provides an inviting blog homepage that allows you to entice readers with both an image and preview text. Each post then has capabilities for categorizing and tagging to organize your content and lead your reader on a journey to explore your work. The blog is a strategic use of Medium to curate a fun, lively platform for a youthful audience.

A donation page that makes support easy

Although spreading awareness is admirable, all nonprofits need funding and your website should make it easy for those you attract to contribute. A donate now button should be visible right on your homepage in your WordPress theme for easy access. A donation page then needs to capture the donor’s information in as few steps as possible: choose an amount, input contact information, and record payment information before clicking the magical button to confirm. The smoother the template makes these steps for the donor, the click all the way to confirm and then return to donate more.

The Act template is a classic example of a simple donate pop-up that seamlessly provides these fields once the site visitor clicks the donation CTA. The template incorporates all the major online transaction services, including PayPal, and also is compatible with the Woocommerce plugin. Check out a sleek and simple example of a Donation page on the Pencils of Promise website.

An events calendar that makes participation easy

At both the local and international levels, nonprofit organizations connect people with common passions to come together and make change. Events are a wonderful way to organize your actions and grow your community. Even if your main projects take place miles away, connecting them to small steps at the local level or online is a great way to attract support and give the feeling of making a difference to those who cannot afford a full immersive journey. Who knows, they might get hooked and become a longstanding supporter! Your website should share these event opportunities with your audience in a way that makes them attractive and accessible to join.

The Kulebe theme calendar can handle a lot of events for the busy nonprofits out there. In addition, each event links to its individual page that provides room for a feature image, description, and synchronizing option with iCal and Google Calendar. Events can also be viewed as a list and can be sorted according to timeframe and category. As a theater company, the New York Live Arts calendar provides an easy way to see all events and performances taking place in support of this organization.


With these key components, any WordPress theme you choose for your nonprofit website will succeed in showing your admirable work and inspiring your visitors to engage with your cause. Check out the hundreds of nonprofit WordPress themes available on ThemeForest.

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