Effective Ad Examples for Your Items

We get lot’s of questions about the marketing campaigns as part of the Elite Author program, many of them about the types of ads we place – Google, Facebook, display media – and questions about where they appear and what works well. With that in mind I thought it might be helpful to provide some examples of where they appear and what design elements work well!

Google AdWords Retargeting in Action

Below are examples of Google AdWords ‘retargeting’ (often called ReMarketing also) in action ‘in the wild’. What I mean by that is these are ads that have been served up to me as I navigate the WWW.

If I visit ThemeForest, CodeCanyon or GraphicRiver (or any of our Marketplaces) and then I dissappear and wander on over to a news site like Mashable or TechCrunch, Google detects that via the use of Cookies and then based on some super complex algorithm that I can’t explain, serves up ads on those sites based on what I have been looking at. A lot of the time that is ads that I have been running for you Elite authors!

Here are some examples:

Mashable: Eventure  – theMolitor

 Mashable homepage ad - Eventure


Startup Smart: Brandon – MuffinGroupStartupSmart ad - Brandon

ESPN: Sport – Netlabs 

Great example of targeted ad for a niche product.

ESPN NFL ad - Sport

Mashable post page:  the 7 – Dream-Theme

Mashable post page - the7


Mashable: Soho Hotel – Quite nice stuff

Mashable - Soho

Examples of Excellent Banner Ads that Worked

Many questions are asked of us about what works for banner ads, and what gets the best results.

It’s a tough one to give you an accurate answer on because it isn’t an exact science!

In Marketing terms a CTA (call to action) should drive a user to ‘Click Through’ (a high Click Through Rate or CTR is what makes a successful ad) and this can be achieved by a really solid ‘Value Proposition’.

In laymen’s terms this means thinking about what is the one unique special thing that your item gives the user over any other item. It pays to think carefully about these when making your own ads, and try several different options.

Below are some examples of ads that we have run using the Google AdWords network with success for our Elite authors.





Legatus Ad