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Envato in 2015: new categories, record breakers & more

We just wrapped a huge 12 months at Envato, and we’re excited heading into 2016. Here’s some highlights.

Envato Market

Our Community

Our community grew to over 6 million people in 2015.

In 2015 we gave our community meet-ups, contests and content a new home with the launch of


We also launched new forums for sellers to swap tips, insights and engage with their buyers and the Envato team. With 161,830 discussions kicking off, we’ve started strong.

We had 27 people on our marketplaces surpass $1 million in sales, and in December we saw the first ever creative sellers exceed $10 million in sales. 2015 was also the year that the earnings flowing to our community surpassed $300 million in total.

Our community held 25 meet-ups around the world, including gatherings in Atlanta, Hyderabad, Cairo, Mumbai, Bran, Sofia, Belgrade and Melbourne.

And their work found its way to some impressive places and customers.

Marketplace Content

The total number of items our sellers list on Envato Market grew by over 2.5 million, with the grand total surpassing 9 million. That’s a lot of choice!

We launched the following new categories to stay ahead of the industry and customer demand:

(If you don’t know what any of those things are yet, head on over to our tutorials

We added over 1000 new WordPress Themes to our ThemeForest inventory, totalling more than 5,900.

We added over 40,000 new vectors on GraphicRiver bringing the inventory up to 200,000+. Illustrator remains a rockstar design tool on the rise and our community is ready to embrace this and other vector tools, like Affinity Designer.

Creatives added over 100,000 new tracks to our audio marketplace AudioJungle this year. That’s more than 330,000 audio selections to create projects with.

We expect this to keep on soaring, with podcasts an increasingly popular tool for advertisers, content creators and a favorite of consumers. Those shows often have a musical theme or background tracks, as do the huge wave of videos being produced by businesses, advertisers and individual broadcasters.

After Effects templates remained a hot ticket, with more than 7,000 new templates joining VideoHive, for a total of over 29,000 selections.

Over on our Code marketplace, Visual Composer charged past 100,000 sales, making it the second year in a row we can celebrate an item reaching this milestone.

And unsurprisingly, our fonts library has doubled over the past 12 months. You don’t have to be a designer to appreciate a good looking font. Many of us love to share and showcase typography that inspires us.

Last but not least, we farewelled our Flash marketplace, ActiveDen, in response to the changing fortune of Flash in the wild. The first of the Envato marketplaces, it marked the end of an era.

Envato Studio

It was another big year for Envato Studio connecting handpicked creative talents with bespoke jobs and projects.

Studio providers booked over 40,000 jobs in 2015, and four creatives delivered over 1000 jobs each to happy customers.

In 2015 Envato Studio moved beyond its design and development roots, adding a huge array of new categories and products. Studio now offer expert services in:

Content & writing


We launched new Express Services for those that need quality work in a hurry. Already proving popular, these include:

After Effects



The top 5 most popular types of Studio jobs were:


Envato Tuts+

Learning was hot in 2015 and we expect our learning network to get hotter still as people devote 2016 to self-improvement, new opportunities and career development.

Over 280 Envato Tuts+ instructors served over 20 million students in 2015 – surpassing an all time total of over 250 million.

The most popular tutorial of 2015 was 10 Drawing Myths That Block Your Progress.

The Chinese translation of that tutorial attracted the most traffic of any post for 2015!

The most popular free course published in 2015 was Semantic HTML: How to Structure Web Pages.

The most popular paid course for 2015 was… Functional Programming in JavaScript.

Envato Tuts+ published 1,425,940 seconds of video content — that’s over 396 hours, or 16 and a half days!

There were 4 million words of educational content published. That’s more than 3 times George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series – combined!

335 community translators translated over 800 tutorials into 38 languages.

We also launched short courses, coffee break courses and a new 60 second primer series to help people learn on the go.

New product launches

This year we launched two new products we’re excited to see grow in 2016.

Unstock, collections of beautiful, authentic and human imagery that doesn’t look or feel like stock standard.

Envato Video, a free app (our first ever!) to help anyone create professional looking, engaging videos using nothing but the photos on their iPhone. The Next Web called it one of the best apps of 2015!

We also launched a beta for Envato Sites, a brand new site builder for small businesses and busy professionals who need to start with a finished website. Stay tuned for a bigger peek at this work soon.

Inside Envato

Our people achieved amazing things in 2015 and we’re incredibly proud of them.

Our co-founders Collis and Cyan Ta’eed were named Entrepreneurs of the Year (Services, Southern Region) and Cyan was crowned Entrepreneur of the Year (Victoria) in the prestigious Telstra Women in Business Awards.

As a company, we were recognised as one of the Greatest Places to Work in Australia by BRW’s Best Places to Work 2015 Study (a catalogue of the 50 top employers in Australia) and we made the top crop of Cool Tech Companies awarded by Job Advisor.

We were especially proud to win Australia’s Coolest Company for Women, as it’s been a priority for us to create a business and work community where diversity is status quo, not an aspiration.

Our legal team were singled out by their industry colleagues as being true innovators, and leading the charge on using real language for things like terms and conditions of use.

We marked our 9th birthday with deals, giveaways and a wacky dance from the CEO.


And we expanded into the U.S!

It was a massive year, but 2016 promises to be even more massive. So stick around!
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