Envato Famous Five #9 – Spooks (featuring Jon Snow), Reebok, Citroen and Lost Soul Aside

Welcome to the Envato Famous Five. 5 Envato items that have popped up in famous places.

‘Spooks: The Greater Good’

But first, “Spooks: The Greater Good”, starring Kit Harrington (aka Jon Snow), is a continuation of the MI-5 TV Series. And a lot of the credit for its impressive opening titles goes to an Envato item.

Microzooms’ “Residual Effects – Movie Opening Titles” VideoHive Template is a collection of high-tech infographic elements, featuring customisable colour and the ability to overlay your own footage, as seen in the film. This item really is the centrepiece of these opening credits, and its use in the film is excellent exposure for such a fantastic product.

Reebok Pump Kamikaze II

These days, top quality basketball shoes are highly revered items. And, Reebok’s Pump Kamikaze II’s are no exception.

For the shoes’ 2015 reveal, the sports apparel company called on Shawn Kemp, Dominique Wilkins, and, an Envato item to ensure they made an impression.

VSine Beat’s track, “Commercial”, made it into the release video for the Kamikaze II’s with the hip-hop instrumental underscoring the entire video. That’s a whole lot of exposure, and a deserving place on this week’s Famous Five, for this awesome item.

Bear Grylls’ ‘The Island’


This next item features on the homepage of Bear Grylls’ “The Island” TV show.

Simply put, Eugene-design’s “Island Photoshop Action Plugin” allows the user to turn anything into an island by simply painting over the area they want to transform.

On the webpage, Bear Grylls’ hard set face has been converted into an island. And with the show receiving a rating of 7.5 on imdb, I think it’s fair to say this GraphicRiver item is probably to thank.

Just kidding. But good work!

Citroen Ad

They say that music transcends language, and that is certainly the case for this next item.

Migueljl’s “Funny Swing” underscores this Brazilian car commercial. And although not everyone will be able to understand what the words in this ad mean, it’s easy to see that this piece of music sets the perfect mood for this clip.

The ad got airtime all over Brazil as well. Meaning this item is sure to have gained a huge amount of exposure on a national stage.

Lost Soul Aside

And finally, Lost Soul Aside is a video game that is receiving a lot of attention pre-release, particularly on the back of its trailer.

And featuring in the trailer is an Envato item!

Tybercore’s track “Discovery” plays underneath the gameplay in the video, which has netted over 2 million views in just one month!

The piece combines soaring violins with the deep tones of the bass and cello, and also included excellent use of percussion to create an orchestral masterpiece.

Undoubtedly this item will gain even more much deserved publicity over the coming months as continues to rack up the views.

And that’s this week’s Envato Famous Five!

If you have an item that’s popped up somewhere famous, post it in our Envato Famous Five Submissions thread

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