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Our weekly look at 5 famous places Envato items have been used.

Welcome to the very first episode of the Famous 5 – our video series highlighting five famous places Envato items have been featured.

Making up this week’s list:

Legacy Effects Special Effects Reel

Item used: Journey of a Lifetime by pmwa

From the Iron Man suit, to the character design on Avatar, to the Muppets, Legacy Effects have done special effects for almost everything.

Including some of the most recent blockbusters like The Revenant – which Leo finally won the Oscar for – Captain America: Civil War, and Suicide Squad in which the special effects were great, although the movie itself wasn’t.

A blockbuster showreel needs a blockbuster soundtrack, and pmwa’s “Journey of a Lifetime” provides just that in the reel for this legendary company.

Marco Rubio using

Item used: Boats Pass Near the City at Sunrise by RockfordMedia

What’s the one thing you’d expect to see in a video with a slogan like, “morning again in America?” Probably footage of America. Which isn’t what you get watching this campaign ad for Marco Rubio.

Meant as a throwback to Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” campaign from the 1980s, the failed 2016 presidential candidate failed to notice his video included footage of a boat pulling into Vancouver, Canada, which is actually RockfordMedia’s Boats Pass Near the City at Sunrise. Upon this being exposed by the media, late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert went to town on the Republican. Poor exposure for Rubio, but great exposure for Envato’s item.

Sky Sharks

Item used: News Ident Pack by 333pix

What happens when you put sharks, nazis and zombies together? A movie called, Sky Sharks.

Yes, it’s a movie that actually happened, telling the story of flying sharks, created by the nazis, in order to conquer the world, whose riders are genetically mutated, undead super-humans… It’s a lotIn a bid to prevent world downfall, a military task-force reanimates U.S. soldiers who fell in Vietnam to battle these flying nazi sharks and save the world.

While the plot is certifiably ridiculous, the attention the film has gotten isn’t. Which is great news for Envato author 333Pix, whose VideoHive item News Items Pack is used in the film, and it’s trailer which has gotten over 600 thousand views!  

The film flies into cinemas September 2017. &

Items used: Newsmag – News Magazine Newspaper by tagDiv, Bimber – Viral WordPress Theme by bringthepixel, Popup Plugin For WordPress – ConvertPlus by BrainstormForce

Virtual Reality is one of the hottest trends of the moment and, as a result, there are a lot of new sites popping up that are dedicated to news and information about this emerging new tech. A few of which are using Envato items.

Road to VR receives around 2.1 million visits a month and uses TagDiv’s ThemeForest item, Newsmag – News Magazine Newspaper.

VR Today Magazine is another popular one, and until recently used TagDiv’s theme as well.

Since then, it’s updated its design using another ThemeForest item, bringthepixel’s Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme, as well as a CodeCanyon plugin Popup Plugin For WordPress – ConvertPlus by BrainstormForce.

National Geographic

Item used: Epic Cinematic Trailer by SamyBeats

Finally, a video on media behemoth National Geographic’s YouTube channel – which has over five million subscribers – is using SamyBeats’ AudioJungle track, Epic Cinematic Trailer.

The video is a montage of milky way time-lapses shot from different locations around the world. It’s absolutely stunning. And, with over 200 thousands views, and the timelessness of this subject matter, it’s safe to assume a great deal more people will come across this amazing AudioJungle track as a result.

That’s the Famous 5 for this week.

Cheers to the Envato Community for scouting out items that have popped up in famous places, keep them coming!

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