Envato Items That Gained Fame in 2016


2016 was an exciting and strange year for media. At Envato, we watched as our items in Envato’s marketplaces – such as stock music on AudioJungle, videos on VideoHive, and WordPress templates on ThemeForest – were used in popular culture, presidential campaigns, and more.

From Spiderman to Squatty Potty, Uber to National Geographic, Hillary to Kanye, here’s a highlight reel of items that gained fame in 2016:

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Video transcript & item notes: 

Hello and welcome to our end of year Envato Famous Five special. I’m Dom Hennequin, your host, and here are the Envato items that were used in famous places this year.

1. Obama uses an Envato item

The president has used an Envato item!

No, not that one. This one.

In an endorsement video for Vermont gubernatorial candidate Sue Minter, president Barack Obama used an Adigold’s AudioJungle track “Believe In Your Dreams” to inspire Vermonters to vote for the democrat.

Her proposed team not only promises to make the city a better place, but it also features presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the socialist candidate who almost edged out Hillary Clinton in for this election’s democratic nomination.

Quite the endorsement of a candidate and an Envato item.

2. Hillary Clinton

Also this political season we had items used by Marco Rubio.

Remember that time he got in trouble for using stock footage of Vancouver, Canada when he was talking about the U.S.? The item that got him in trouble was from Envato’s VideoHive!

And we had multiple items used by Ted Cruz!

Including a couple of AudioJungle tracks and a ThemeForest theme for his campaign website.

But it was the democratic nominee’s use of an AudioJungle track that really got us chuffed, because it was right in the middle of this year’s vicious campaign.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign ad ‘Always’, designed to emphasize all the work she’s done throughout her career for the needs of children, used “Built To Perfection” by Adigold, and did its best to inspire people to get out and vote.

Let’s not dwell too much on whether or not it was succeeded in doing so.

3. Music superstars

This year some of the world’s biggest superstars popped up on our famous five lists, including The Weeknd, Christina Aguilera and Kanye West.

The Weeknd used “Editable Fireworks Package” in the background of his performance of “Can’t Feel My Face” at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Christina Aguilera used “Wind Of Change” by Wayman in the lyric video for her musical response to the Orlando shooting, “Change”. She also used graphicINmotion’s “Watercolor & Ink” for the lyric video for “Anywhere But Here”.

And future president Kanye West sent jaws dropping to the ground around the Envato office after using RockfordMedia’s “Moving Under Trees With Full Moon At Night” in the music video for “Wolves” from The Life Of Pablo.


4. Uber

Uber has fast become one the world’s most well-known brands. So when the Columbian arm of their carpooling service, uberPOOL used an AudioJungle track for their ad, we knew this would be big.

The ride-sharing service used nikitsan’s stock music track “Light Up” from AudioJungle in this quick ad for uberPOOL Columbia.

5. Cosmopolitan

The Sri Lankan Cosmopolitan website is being powered by FuelThemes’ “The Voux”!

And it works really well, with a layout that emphasizes images and a text hierarchy that ensure you see what’s most important.

6. PewDiePie

Who would’ve thought a few years ago that the most famous YouTuber in the world would turn out to be a foul-mouthed, Swedish gamer? Well, if you spent a lot of time on YouTube in the early days, probably you!

PewDiePie’s weird and wonderful sense of humor has seen him tick over 50 million subscribers on his channel and millions of views on every one of his videos. And some of those videos use AudioJungle items.

Including “THE YOUTUBE HEROES”, a takedown of a much ridiculed initiative by the video website to keep their comments clean. It features ‘Energetic Indie Rock’ by AurusAudio in the original YouTube video garnering millions of views. It also features in PewDiePie’s parody garnering millions more.

He used another Envato item in one of the most ridiculous videos I’ve seen, “5 Weird Stuff Online” which saw him do a bunch or strange and gag-enducing things like trying bacon flavored toothpaste which, surprise, surprise, was disgusting. AudioAgent’s “Funny Tune” featured in that one.

7. Grant Thompson – “The King Of Random”

He has 6 million subscribers, his videos regularly get over 1 million views and he uses an AudioJungle track in pretty much every one of them. Sounds like a recipe for success.

Grand Thompson is the self-proclaimed “King of Random” and has made videos on everything from how to start a fire with a sandwich bag, featuring “Background Inspiration” by Alec-Koff; building a DIY shelf that can hid money, passports and firearms, using LightBeats’ “Motivational Atmosphere”; Using a soda can tab as a tensioner featuring “Motivational Upbeat” by ABSounds; How to hack open a car battery and what you’ll find inside featuring “Slow Summer Ambien” by SonixAudio; what he did with the battery using “Fun Energetic Pop” by FortyTwoStudios; What’s hiding in your hotel room featuring “Upbeat Corporate Technology” again by AurusAudio. 

8. Roman Atwood

This next YouTuber is best known for playing pranks and being an inspiring family man who wants to make people happy. And he’s a loyal Envato user too.

RomanAtwood has over 9 million subscribers on both of his two channels, RomanAtwood which houses pranks and shorter videos and shorter-form videos, and RomanAtwoodVlogs for more personal longer-form ones.

He’s another avid user of AudioJungle, featuring at least one track in most of his videos including this one in which he pranks his grandmother into thinking she’s been arrested using Gae47’s “The Detective”; this one in which he pretends to steal people’s car tires using LightBeats’ “Hip Hop Rock”; this one where he fakes an epic purge using lucafrancini’s “Epic Apocalyptic”; this vlog covering his trip to Seattle and his wife’s 5k race using “Sneaky” by Gae47 again; his family’s trip to Chicago for his first live show using “Timelapse” by khursey; and this one where they do the “Crazy Watermelon Challenge” getting vaseline covered watermelons into goals, using “Summer Fun” by MorningLightMusic.

Now that’s a lot of Envato.

9. Sony Pictures Imageworks VFX/Legacy Effects

We have an amazing selection of stock music perfect for montages and trailers on AudioJungle. And nothing speaks to that more than Sony Pictures and Legacy Effects’ reels.

Sony Pictures ImageworksVFX have done special effects for a huge bunch of blockbusters including Ghost Busters, Alice in Wonderland and The Amazing Spiderman. And in this reel featuring “Epic Trailer” by lucafrancini, you get a glimpse at a bit of it all.

Similarly so with the reel for Legacy Effects who’ve done special effects for everything from The Revenants to The Muppets. To tie it all together they used pmwa’s “Journey of a Lifetime”.

10. Famous Films

London Has Fallen

We’ve also had tracks used in both the trailers and opening titles of films.

VideoHive item “Big Bro” by UNVI features through the entire title sequence of London Has Fallen which generated over $194 million (U.S.) at the box office.

Spooks: The Greater Good, featuring Jon Snow, used “Residual Effects – Movie Opening Titles” for their, cough, opening titles.

The trailer for this Keanu Reeves led horror flick Knock Knock uses MartijndeBont’s “Awaiting The Storm Trailer” from AudioJungle.

And Sky Sharks, which seems more or less like Sharknado except with nazis, uses…

11. Nike

Everybody in the world knows the Nike brand! So take a guess at how blown away we were when an AudioJungle track was used in this brief and beautiful montage following the creation of the invitation to the Nike women’s race in London.

This montage was put together by the creative agency the popular brand used to design an invitation, and gently walks you through the company’s brief, concept and the breathtaking final product.

It uses the very pretty “Positive Commercial Strings” by Leon_Felekyan from AudioJungle.

12. American Express

Another popular brand, American Express, also used an Envato item in this video that went to air in Australia. It also pre-rolled on nearly every YouTube video I was watching for quite some time. It uses “Corporate Success” by MusicBoxStudios.

13. National Geographic

National Geographic has used two of our items this year including and AudioJungle track for a breathtaking video and a ThemeForest theme.

SamyBeats’ “Epic Cinematic Trailer #2” plays beneath this stunning timelapse of the milky-way.

And the National Geographic store blog is using FlatLayers’ “Caress” from ThemeForest.

14. Car companies

Almost every car company in the world has used an Envato item in the last year. Here’s just a few.

BMW using SunChannelMusic’s “Upbeat Indie”; Mitsubishi using venaccio’s “Excelerate”; Lexus using cinematic_alex’s “Power Sport”; Pininfarina using MagicMusicStudio’s “Trailer”; Ford using NoizMan’s “Party Fun”; Hyundai using “Feel This Moment” by -MARiAN-; and Citroen using “Funny Swing”.

15. Squatty Potty

And finally, to the weird and wonderful video that really started it all. The product is weird, the ad is weird, but its popularity on YouTube is incredibly serious.

The Squatty Potty is a little step you put under your feet when you go to the toilet. It reduces the risk of hemorrhoids, constipation and according to the ad, “a buttload of other crap.”

Upon its release this video stole the internet’s heart, and why wouldn’t it? It features a Scottish man with porcelain skin, a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream and a bunch of children eating it.

It uses Stockwaves’ AudioJungle item “Fanfare!” when the Squatty Potty is revealed, and it’s been viewed over 28 million times.

Dom Hennequin

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Dom is Envato's Video & Content Marketing Specialist. He previously worked as the company's Community Content Coordinator, and as the founder and host of the Envato Famous 5.