Envato Logo Sightings in Romania

Placebo concert audience, Bucharest 2012.
Photo credits: Milut Flueras.

The Envato logo has recently been seen quite regularly around Romania. It’s even made it onto the local television news channel. AudioJungle reviewer Claudiu has been wearing it!

Claudiu’s into into music and attends a lot of concerts. Big concerts. And what does he wear? His Envato t-shirt. Talk about dedication!

Now Envato t-shirts are rare as hen’s teeth. Other than going to an Envato meetup or becoming an Elite author, it’s next to impossible to get one. I’d be curious to find out where Claudiu got his. He is definitely putting it to good use.

Another shot at the Placebo concert.
Claudiu with Steve Forrest, Placebo's drummer.
At a Lady Gaga concert.
See television footage below.

Above: Video of the television coverage of the Lady Gaga concert – Envato logo included (at 0:18). (Quicktime required.)

Claudiu is off to a Red Hot Chillis concert at the end of the month, and you can guess what he’ll be wearing. We’d love a photo of that!

Do you have an Envato t-shirt? Where do you wear yours?