The Envato Market Shopping Cart is Rolling Out

As part of our 2014 Roadmap we dedicated a team to improving the Envato Market purchase experience, and now we’re ready to launch one of our most requested features – the shopping cart!

Buying stuff is kind of the heart of what we do. But it’s not as easy as it should be! – Collis, 2014 Roadmap

As part of our 2014 Roadmap we dedicated a team to improving the Envato Market purchase experience, something which benefits the entire community. We’ve previously improved the purchase flow and now we’re ready to launch one of our most requested features – the shopping cart!

Envato Market shopping cart page

When Envato Market was younger most buyers were purchasing a single item, so the lack of a shopping cart wasn’t an obvious problem. Our goal however – a marketplace with everything you need for your creative project – broadened our offerings and it became clear our purchase tools needed to catch up.

Today’s creative projects bring together code, photography, graphics, video and audio to create amazing and immersive experiences. While we’ve made it possible to get everything you need, until now it hasn’t been easy to buy these things together.

Leaving The Pipeline

Starting today we’ll be rolling out shopping cart functionality across Envato Market, allowing you to purchase multiple items with ease. The shopping cart works across all Market sites, so you can purchase some PhotoDune images along with your ThemeForest template, or an AudioJungle track to go with your VideoHive clip.

We wanted to launch this to the community as soon as we could, so the features you’ll see over the next few weeks are just the beginning. Initially you’ll be able to add items to your cart from item detail pages, and we’ll be adding the feature to more pages such as search results and collections over time.

Community Driven

There are a lot of shopping carts out there offering different experiences, so we wanted to find out what would work best for the Envato community. We tested 5 different experiences with community members and used those findings to build a shopping cart that is tailored to Envato Market. The result is a shopping cart that feels right at home.

Keeping Purchase Simple

Having a shopping cart shouldn’t make purchasing harder, so we’ve kept the ability to purchase a single item with the Buy Now button. This will live alongside the Shopping Cart as a quick and easy way to purchase a single item from Envato Market.

This flexibility allows you to easily purchase multiple items without removing the ability to quickly buy that theme your client needs.

Shopping cart on a smartphone and tablet

An All Wheel Drive Cart

The shopping cart continues our move to responsive web design across Envato Market, with the cart page looking great on mobile, tablet, and desktop. You can read more about how we’re moving Market to RWD in Jordan Lewis’ blog post at We Build Envato.

A Smooth Roll Out

We’ll be rolling out the shopping cart gradually to all users over the next few weeks, as always carefully testing to ensure the community is benefiting from our work. We’ll be gathering your feedback and watching the performance of the shopping cart to make tweaks where necessary. You’ll see the Add to Cart button and shopping cart icon near your username once we’ve enabled it on your account.

This release of the shopping cart allows logged in users to Add to Cart from item pages and Checkout. In future releases we’re looking to add:

  • Add to Cart from search results and collections
  • Add to Cart while logged out
  • Edit quantity
  • Item recommendations

Have a suggestion or spot a bug?

Once you’ve tried out the shopping cart features launched today we’d love to hear your feedback. Head over to the forums and join the discussion.