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Envato Market tops 9 million items

We’re proud to announce that Envato has topped nine million items across its marketplaces!

Envato Market hosts items from more than six million creatives across more than 200 countries. Items for sale include WordPress themes, stock photos, stock audio, video effects, graphics, illustrations and much more.

Our biggest market is the United States, followed by Europe and Asia. Items are purchased direct from sellers for everything from a small business website to a Hollywood feature film campaign. There’s probably a little Envato in that last website you visited, or podcast you listened to.

Did you know eight out of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies (U.S.) buy from Envato’s global community of creators to help bring their ideas to life?

“These aren’t just nine million items for sale, they represent the broadest creative range on the internet,” says Envato CEO Collis Ta’eed.

“No other creative marketplace sells the variety of digital works, templates and media that Envato Market does.”

“Envato is unique among creative marketplaces in its quality review process,” says Envato Market Quality Manager Jarel Remick.

“Even established creators have work reviewed and assessed before it is released to potential buyers.”

“There’s nothing that comes close to Envato competitively,” says 19-year-old Matthias Günter, a German creative who has become a top seller in only a few months in the marketplace.

“High quality creators publish their work for the world. Buyers can get the best for a reasonable price. It’s become an equalising force.”

Slovakian web designer and developer Darina Kostelníková earns a living with Envato creating digital content that businesses from Australia to New York use to build websites, tell stories or sell their products.

Darina Kostelníková, long time Envato Market seller

“Envato has been a big part of my life for seven years,” she says.

“From the start I loved the idea of my work available for anyone who finds it useful. I fell in love with the community and its spirit, and that hasn’t changed.”

A huge thank you to our talented sellers and loyal customers who’ve helped us constantly improve what Envato can offer an ever-growing group of people worldwide building creative projects.
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