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Envato Studio: Project “Sharing the Love”

Envato Studio is a marketplace for connecting creative talent with people who need jobs done. The team recently debuted a new feature on the site, the Matching App, which allows people to find the best possible logo provider by rapidly liking or disliking a selection of logos. Once you’ve picked five logos you love, the app suggests a provider who works in the style you like.

In the past, people chose providers based on social proof factors like the number of deliveries or favorites they had. This meant that the top providers were getting overwhelmed, while newer providers with loads of talent were often being overlooked. The feature was created as a way to take factors like price and social proof out of the equation and get buyers thinking purely about whether they loved a provider’s logo designs… since ultimately, that’s what matters most!

What’s particularly cool about the development of this feature is that the idea came from Shervin, a Junior Developer on the team. Shervin was able to have the idea, and then work within the Studio team to be a leader on implementing it. We thought this was such a cool story that we turned it into a video.

We hope you enjoy Project “Sharing the Love”!

Josh Janssen

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