Everything You Need for Your Health and Fitness WordPress Site (With Examples)

Key components of a gym & fitness site: photos, testimonials, instructors, program schedules, and more.

Key Elements of a Successful Fitness Site

So now that you know what these new services are, let’s take a look at what they can do for you. If you’re creating or revamping a website for a gym, personal trainer, or maybe your yoga studio, these feature packed templates will get you going quickly, and give your web-presence a step up. All you’ll need is a very quick warmup.

I’ll go through each of these in more depth in just a moment, but there are a few key elements a successful fitness website should have:

  1. Photos and Videos
    A great fitness website will have a gallery of current clients to demonstrate just how far your training can take them.
  2. Testimonials
    Photos are one thing, but reading the positive testimonials from other clients will help convince site visitors that you’re the trainer they need.
  3. Instructors
    Highlighting yourself or your instructors shows you’re friendly and approachable, and listing achievements and experience gives credibility.
  4. Program and Schedule
    Everyone needs to know when you’re available or when the next class is, so keep this information current on your site.
  5. Mobile Friendly
    Everyone is on the move these days – and your job is to keep them that way – so ensure your site has as much impact on mobile devices as it does on a computer screen (and these websites sure will).

We’ve got some great examples of themes and sites that fill each of these elements particularly well. It’s important to note, though, that each one has most, if not all, of these main elements.

Photos and Videos: Show them how it’s done

While images are particularly important for most websites, they’re key here. Images on fitness sites tend to show us the fit, buff bodies we’re all longing for. They show us what we could have with a bit of dedication and a lot of hard work. They’re enticing your new clients.

Videos, on the other hand, show us how it’s done. Use video to demonstrate a number of different workouts and talk new clients through the motions. You’ll have useful content that never gets old and will help bring new visitors to your pages.

Bridge Crossfit

Bridge Crossfit is one of the best sites available for fitness or gym websites. It utilizes the hero image – the strong, eye-catching, full screen headers and backgrounds – to really draw your clients in. The images are fairly consistent across all the pages. The key element of this site is its gallery feature:

Professional images help, of course, so make an opportunity to have some of your success-story clients photographed by a professional fitness photographer, and they’ll really add to your content.

You can find the Live preview here.

Yoga Studio – Landy Yoga

Landy Yoga Studio is an Envato Sites template. This is a very simple, clean site that has just the information you need. Landy Yoga uses a simple and eye-catching gallery section that shows off some of your best shots and poses. It could easily be expanded to link to routine video guides that will let your clients work at their leisure.

As a Sites template, Landy Yoga Studio is predesigned, but fully customizable.

Yoga Studio – Zen Yoga

Zen Yoga is another top Envato Sites offering. This template uses the gallery feature in the header. Use it to set the scene and put your clients in the right frame of mind, or use it to show off great poses and real transformations.

It also has a good Instructors section, too!

As a Sites template, Zen Yoga is predesigned, but fully customizable.

Testimonials: Tell them your success stories

It’s one thing for you to tell us how great your style is, but it’s another to hear it from other clients. Product testimonials are the backbone of all service and product websites, and fitness is no different. Seeing the positive impact you’re having on your clients is a strong motivator for new clients, and goes a long way toward strengthening your reputation.

Avada Gym

This theme has one of the best testimonials pages:

The theme is broad ranging, though. It has a great instructors page, and the Facilities page can be expanded or customized to show class schedules. It also has a great looking Blog feature. Business Blogs add value to your site, draw new customers in, and help improve your search rankings. They add credibility, too, as new clients can see your knowledge and experience first hand.

You can check out the Live preview here.

Performance Pro – Personal Trainers

Designed for Personal Trainers rather than full gyms, PerformancePro’s Personal Trainers template cuts the site down to the pertinent info only. It has a great testimonials section that’s perfect for showing off client feedback. There’s also a strong header image for setting the tone of your site, and sections for instructor information and training plans.

As a Sites template, Zen Yoga is predesigned, but fully customizable.

Bridge Yoga 

Bridge Yoga Studio comes with a lot of great options. It has a large photo gallery to show off your studio and client success. It has a comprehensive page for programs and classes. The element that earns this template a place here, though, is the customer testimonials on the front page. The side scrolling testimonials section allows more comments without taking up extra space.

You can have a look at the Live preview here.

Instructors: Sell yourself

You’re asking people to put their health and wellbeing in your hands, so reaching out and telling them a little about you and your instructor’s backgrounds, experience, and perhaps a personal anecdote or two, will help to show you’re personable and approachable.

Enfold Gym

Enfold Gym is one of the strongest performing websites available. The eye-catching and interesting instructors page has enough information and background without overloading the client:

This site also has such a great classes and schedule page that I nearly listed it in that section instead. This page breaks down each class or session, explains the goals and instructor, and shows the class schedule. There’s also a full schedule covering all the available sessions. Finally, this site has a clean and enticing News page that can be easily repurposed as a Blog to keep your content fresh and useful.

Definitely have a look at the Live preview here.

Infinite Fitness

Infinite Fitness sports a good trainer section that highlights links for their social media:

If your trainers have a strong digital presence then so do you. This is a big template with a lot of moving parts, so I can only suggest you have a look at the Live preview to really get to know the features.


FitnessPro is an Envato Sites offering. This simple template is designed for personal trainers rather than gym owners. It provides great instructor information, as well as a very nice looking testimonials section.

As a Sites template, FitnessPro is predesigned, but fully customizable.

Program and Schedule: Where and When?

This might be one of the main pieces of web content that helps bring in new clients and keeps your old ones coming back to your site. Detailing your program and schedule nails down the offering, explains your classes, courses or sessions, and lets people plan their workouts. It’ll also keep existing clients coming back to your site, making it a useful tool for them, too.


It’s built on the incredibly popular and versatile BeTheme. This theme has a raft of features that make customizing your content fast and easy.

As a fitness or gym website, this theme hits many of the key elements mentioned before. I’ve noted it here, however, because of its great use of a full page weekly schedule:

Update this page to suit your own class or availability schedule – and probably add a line or two describing the workouts and intensity – and away you go.

If you want to have a closer look, you can jump straight to the live preview here.


This site might be targeted at a dance studio, but it is surprisingly versatile. It’s a simple, single page site with a number of information panels. It makes excellent use of the image gallery, but it’s noted here because of its particularly cool lesson plan:

Of course, it’s based on the same theme as BeFitness above, but this demonstrates the versatility of the BeTheme collection. BeTheme comes with plenty of options (and over 270 predesigned sites), so you can add or remove items to suit your needs. Look at the Live preview here.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is another great site built with BeTheme. I apologize for having three here, but I think it’s important to show just how creative you can be with this theme.

This one uses an Events Calendar instead of a class schedule. This is a unique way of showing your class information, and each links back to a page detailing the entry. It could easily be used to list upcoming or regular competitions and events, of course.

You can have a look at the Live preview here.

Mobile Friendly: Everyone is literally on the move

Given the huge popularity of smartphones and tablets, it’s definitely important for your site to be easily viewable across an array of devices. Thankfully, all of these sites will automatically scale and reposition your info to best suit the screen. The design settings allow you to preview as you build, so you can be sure everything is still showing as intended.


Honestly, every site above easily and automatically converts to the optimal display for your visitors. The website builders and live previews show you what your site will look like on each device. It’s just a click of a button.

BeSport is no exception. This site is designed as more of a store front, so if you’ve got fitness stock to sell alongside your classes and sessions, this one might be for you.

Live Preview here

Personal Trainer 

The Personal Trainer website is an Envato Sites option. As a personal trainer your sessions and availability might be more flexible than a set class schedule. This is a simple, one page site that can give your clients all the information they need, and because it’s built with Sites, you can swap modules in and out as you need!

Yosemite Running

Finally, Yosemite Running is another well rounded Envato Sites website. This one is designed with a running/marathon training group in mind. It has info about meet-ups and membership plans, and also a good simple testimonials section.

Now that you’ve chosen your site, don’t forget to have a look through some of our best sports and fitness resources to create custom content

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