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Famous Five – Extreme Sports Edition

This week we have items used by Jeremy McGrath and Speed and Sound Magazine.

Hello and welcome to the Famous Five. Five famous places Envato items have been used.

Jeremy McGrath (Extreme Sports)

Using: Cinematic Rock Trailer by WolfSound

Jeremy McGrath is the most popular Motorsport/Supercross champion in the world, and in this video, which has gotten over 200 thousand views on Facebook, he uses Cinematic Rock Trailer by WolfSound.

Sloger (Extreme Sports)

Using: Scenic Dance by LukePN

Sloger has used an AudioJungle track in one of its ads.

It features stunning shots of its Rock Machine Blizzard bike blazing through the High Tatra mountains of northern Slovakia. And it uses Scenic Dance by LukePN.

DailyTekk (Extreme Sports)

Using: Future Bass by AudioCopper

DailyTekk has reviewed two new electric bikes by a company called Wave.

It’s a comprehensive review of the Wave 2.0 and Folding Wave by the YouTube channel which has over 44 thousand subscribers. And the video uses Future Bass by AudioCopper throughout.

MV Agusta Zagato Teaser #2

Using: Elegant Ambient Glitch by Music_Sense

Zagato has used Elegant Ambient Glitch by Music_Sense in this teaser, for its new motorbike.

The slick video features shots of the MV Agusta, shots of its rider both clothed and unclothed, and shots of a horse? It’s netted over 100 thousand views on YouTube.

Speed and Sound Magazine

Using:Prometheus User Submitted Content Plugin for WordPress by CodeRevolution

And finally, Speed and Sound Magazine, which has over 1.9 million likes on Facebook, is using Prometheus User Submitted Content Plugin for WordPress by CodeRevolution.

The plugin allows visitors to upload videos to the magazine’s website, allowing this popular online publisher to receive and share the content it needs.

And that’s the Famous Five: Extreme Sports edition.

Our logo was designed by designercow. This episode was written, presented and edited by me, Dom Hennequin, you can follow me on Twitter. And for more content like this go to

Please share this video with everyone you know, and I’ll see you next week for another Famous Five.


Future Bass byShades_of_Sound over opening credits

Future Bass by cleanmindsounds in Speed and Sound Magazine section

Pathos Electroby blvcknoize over closing credits

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