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Farewell ActiveDen

As you all know, we operate in a very fluid and fast-paced industry.

Technologies come and go, and our survival depends on embracing these shifts and continually evolving to meet our buyers’ ever-changing needs.

We also need to focus on where we can have the most impact so that we’re always maximizing opportunities for creatives.

So today, against this backdrop, we’re announcing the closure of ActiveDen (that’s the part of our Envato Market that sells Flash assets, for the uninitiated).

This is a big deal, not only for our ActiveDen authors, buyers and affiliates, but the entire Envato community. ActiveDen was the first building block of the Envato creative ecosystem and its success paved the way for the marketplaces and products that followed.

Flash back nine years to 2006 (pun intended). Collis was a Flash file author earning a modest income on iStockphoto. Along with our co-founders Cyan and Jun, he saw an opportunity for a dedicated Flash marketplace and community.

Soon after, ActiveDen was born.

While ActiveDen maintains a following, the market has moved away from Flash, for a number of reasons (including HTML5). After lots of thinking and consideration, we feel it’s the right time to say farewell.

ActiveDen’s retirement will take place over the coming months and includes the following key phases:

  • September 21, 2015: Announce upcoming closure
  • October 21, 2015: Authors will no longer be able to submit ActiveDen files
  • February 2016: ActiveDen will be fully retired. Buyers will no longer be able to purchase new ActiveDen files or download existing purchases and authors will no longer be able to access their items. Make sure you download your items before this date!

A note of thanks

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our many talented ActiveDen authors and dedicated buyers and affiliates. Thanks to your support, Envato got a wonderful start in life for which we’ll be forever grateful.

We’ve set a four-month timeline to assist with the transition and will be available to answer any questions you might have over in the forums.

Finally, as a tribute to the creativity and skills of our ActiveDen authors, we’re holding a special Farewell ActiveDen event. Get involved

Selina Ife

About the Author Selina Ife

Selina is a communications specialist at Envato.