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What Is Fast Typography? Plus, 12 Templates to Take Your Video to the Next Level

We break down the fast typography trend that has swept the video world.

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Posted 01 Jul 2019
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One of the biggest Motion Design trends of this year is Fast Typography. A great example of which is Apple’s “Don’t Blink” video that dropped in late 2016, following their ‘Big Launch’ event announcing the iPhone 7, AirPods and updates to the Apple Watch, among other things.

The look and feel fit Apple’s sleek, minimal style, but also managed to cram a lot of information into two minutes in an engaging, digestible way.

Check out the top fast typography templates for 2019 in this video:

Fast Typography Trend

The functionality behind this type of animation and design draws on the learnings of Evelyn Wood, an American educator and businessperson who popularized the term "speed reading", as well as building the systems that encouraged it.

More and more today, however, software platforms have been offering different approaches to speed reading. You can find quite a few of these platforms and apps, with Spritz and Spreeder being some of the most popular. They usually apply a variation of a method called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP). The basic concept is to display your text word by word, or by in small groups of words, one after the other. This way you can speed up the reading process by increasing the average rate of words-per-minute displayed on the screen.

Practical Advantages

In an era where we’re constantly overwhelmed by the amount of information being thrown at us, the popularity of templates that help deliver messages in fast, visually engaging ways has risen.

Video has thus experienced aggressive growth as an ideal medium to deliver this type of content. Which is why it’s no surprise that the world’s appetite for fast typography templates has grown.

And so today we'll be taking a look at 12 terrific fast typography templates you can use to display information in your next video.

12. Stomp opener by Video_Circle

Create an energetic video with this stomp template by Video_Circle. You can insert parts of your video into the template and capture the eye of viewers with this colorful, punchy template.

Available onEnvato Elements

11. Rhythm GO by blinque

Similar to Stomp, in that it’s also clearly inspired by Apple’s “Don’t Blink” commercial, Rhythmic GO shows what's possible with some simple black and white typography, and some clever animation.

The way the text can slide from side to side becoming different words each time is genius. Even the way words can light up and fade out, almost like an elevator, shows off the power of indicating concepts rather than showing them.

10. Ultimate Stomp by Deattive

Blend your images and copy together seamlessly in this impressive template by Deattive. It uses your footage to highlight words of your choice, mixing shape elements, color overlays and beautiful animations to engage the eye.

9. Stomp Opener by BRAXXU

Great for commercials, openings and social media videos, Stomp Opener by BRAXXU is easy to use and includes 26 editable text layers, 27 media placeholders and can fit a lot of information into a digestible 35-second format.

8. Stomp Opener by JoeProduction

Combine still images and text into a highly engaging social media video, promotion or opening with this template by JoeProduction. It includes 17 media placeholders, 17 text placeholders and fits it all into 25-seconds.

7. Colorful Stomp by vcgmotion

Stomp videos don't have to be jolty, they can be smooth like this one from vcgmotion. Featuring soft gradients and playful animations, this template will highlight your copy and images in a digestible way that's pleasing to the eye.

6. Stomp Opener by Renname

Stomp Opener by Renname is a short and sweet template that's smooth and modern. The text placeholders animate smoothly and blend seamlessly with creative wipe patterns that transition the background images on and off the screen. There's also an interesting RBG filter applied to the text and visuals. It feels very current and commands the eye.

5. Don't Wink - Typographic Intro by MbrEffects

Who likes gradients? Don’t Wink - Typographic Intro by MbrEffects puts fresh white text up against beautiful, bright gradients. Sometimes they’re solid, sometimes they’re not. You can have your text in a box, or out of a box. The choice is yours. The animations are simple but pleasant. And this template overall is versatile enough that you can use it for pretty much any video.

4. Fashion Promo | After Effects Template by Fixik

Extremely stylish and slick, Fashion Promo by Fixit is a great choice for (would you believe it) a fashion brand. It feels modern and is best suited that kind of broad, one word at a time style of commercial. It’s fast and slick, but not alienating.

3. Stomp Promo by Nick_Chavalun

This stomp template by Nick_Chavalun blends copy and footage with animated shapes and parallax effects. It does a great job of using animation to focus the eye on your copy and fits a lot of information into a crisp 24-seconds.

2. Fast Opener by LLmotion

This modern, fast-paced stomp opener by LLmotion features a slick red and black color scheme, which can be customized, and makes your copy the star of your video. Create bold promotions, advertisements and openers using this template which features a modular structure, a 20-second version and longer 40-second version, and easy to use design.

1. Stomp Intro by BarraQda

Looking for a template that's ready to explode with energy? If so, check this one out by BarraQda. It's fast and sharp, applying an earth-quake-like effect to the footage and images. This combined with the extremely clean placeholders and contrast in the color palette makes for a quick, easy to interpret video template.

That's our list of twelve terrific fast typography templates that you can buy right now on Envato Elements.

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