Five brilliantly ugly Christmas sweater patterns

It’s nearly Christmas time again, and you know what that means: it’s time to bring out those brilliantly awful Christmas sweaters.

It’s the only time of the year when it’s socially acceptance to don a monstrously colourful, over-the-top sweater, and you’re damn right we’re going to make the most of it.

Despite Australia’s ‘White Christmas’ more closely resembling a sweltering Christmas barbeque by the pool over at the Envato HQ in Melbourne, those dedicated to the cause will still be wearing the ugliest festive sweater they can find.

Here are some of our favourite Christmas sweater designs we found on Graphic River.

Winter Christmas Seamless Pixelated Pattern – RedKoala


There’s one simple rule with Christmas sweaters: the more colours the better. This one has it all, from reindeers to love hearts and it’s so entrancing that it’ll get you out of that awkward conversation with your uncle over Christmas lunch.

Scandinavian Knitted Seamless Pattern – Annykos


Boasting an intricate Scandinavian design, this vibrant vector is sure to bring the spirit to you annual festive gatherings.

It’s so good that even Rudolph is giving it the thumbs up.

Red Knitted Sweater with Deer Seamless Pattern – Svetolk


The simple red designs is a bit more classy than your normal Chrissy sweater and if you’re brave enough, you just might get away with it all year around.

Either way, it’s a very en-deer-ing pick.

Christmas Sweater – Oliopi


Simple, gloriously colourful and unashamedly loud, this is your classic Christmas sweater design.

North Knitted Pattern with Deers – Annzabella


Not all Christmas sweaters have to be green and/or red – why not mix it up with a blue design?

The deer is a traditional pattern for festive apparel in Norwegian, and this design is the perfect way to pretend you’re off in the Scandinavian snow.

Pug Dog Vector Illustration – Leedsn

Christmas Pug dog vector illustration. Pug dog in human sweater or sweatshirt. Adorable Chinese pug dog on New Year

Okay okay, so I know this isn’t technically a sweater design but it’s hard to go past a dog wearing a sweater. A dog WEARING A SWEATER. But hey, we not get a bit meta with it and make your own sweater with a pug wearing a sweater on it?

This cute lil guy is getting into the festive spirit of things just like we all should, and let’s hope that Santa brings him a big ol’ bone.


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