50 Free Plugins for Getting More Out of

The Sketch community is chock-full of plugins that you can freely download and use – here’s 50 for you.

Sketch is a Mac app that is entirely focused on creating stunning user interfaces for both mobile apps and websites. And due to its rapid rise in popularity it has proudly positioned itself, at least when it comes to UI design anyway, as a very real replacement for Photoshop and Illustrator.

The great thing is that the Sketch community is chock-full of handy little utilities, in the form of plugins, that you can freely download and use. In this post I have brought them all together in one place.

To make things easier, I’ve grouped all of the Sketch plugins in alphabetical order. Just click on one of the letters below, and you will be taken directly to the section. Or if you want just to browse, just keep on scrolling down.


Just click on the ‘Download’ button next to each resource, and you’ll be taken to the relevant download page.

A-Z of Sketch Plugins

A Top

Alfred Workflow – Workflow action for exporting docs in Alfred Download
Android Assets – Quickly generate Android assets Download

B Top

Blade – Quickly generate HTML within Sketch Download
Blend Steps – Duplicate the first selected object and clone evenly Download

C Top

Colorful Gradients – Import colorful gradients as shape fills Download
ColorMime – Quickly duplicate any Colourlovers palette Download
Clear Styles – Clear all text and shape layers style properties Download
Contrast Analyser – Calculates the color contrast of two layers Download
Content Generator – Quickly generate dummy data Download
Copy Shadows – Easily duplicate and extend shadows Download

D Top

DrawingKit – A huge collection of tiny Sketch scripts Download
Duplicator – Quickly duplicate selected layers multiple times Download
Day Player – Plugins for generating placeholder images Download
Dock Preview – Preview your current artboard in the Dock Download
Duplicate & Nudge – A port of Photoshop's Duplicate and Nudge feature Download
Dynamic Button – Create buttons with fixed paddings Download
Divine Proportions – Composite images using the divine proportions Download
Duplicate as Pattern – Quickly create seamless patterns Download
Duplicate to All Artboards – Take selected layers and makes a copy for each artboard in the page Download

E Top

Export Text Styles – Generate an overview of all your text styles and export as CSS Download
Export Assets – Export assets for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and the web Download

F Top

Flowchart – Quickly & easily draw flowcharts Download
Framer – Export your mockups to FramerJS Download

G Top

Generate GIF – Create animated GIFs from a sequence of artboards Download
Generate ICNS – Generate an Apple icon in ICNS format Download

H Top

HipsterFill – Quickly generate dummy content filler Download

I Top

Iconizer – Easily resize graphics for creating iOS app icons Download
Icon Stamper – Create various iOS icon sizes Download

J Top

JS Talk Sketch Library – Practical JSTalk examples for Sketch scripting Download
JS Talk Sketch Recipes – A collection of JSTalk methods Download

L Top

Lorem Ipsum – Quickly generate Lorem Ipsum dummy text Download
Line Height – Set the line height of a text layer as a multiple of the font size Download

M Top

Measure – A measuring tool for design specs Download

P Top

Preview – Easily preview mockups in Skala Download

R Top

RulerGrid – Create ruler-based grids Download
RenameIt – A plugin to quickly rename layers Download
Random Shift – Shift layers in a selection in random directions Download
Random Opacity – A plugin for randomly changing the opacity of selected objects Download

S Top

Sketch Notebook – Add and manage sidebar comments for documenting your design Download
Sync Plugins – Sync local plugins with their GitHub master version Download
Sketch Commands – A port of Orange Commands for Fireworks Download
SketchGit – A Git client built right into Sketch Download
Symbols – Templates to generate a symbol font (icon font) Download
Swatches – Quickly generate a palette of color swatches Download
Sort Layers – Reorder the layers in the layer list to match the visual order Download
Swap Fill Border – Easily swap fill and border colors Download
SCSS Colors – Copy colors to the clipboard as SCSS variable definitions Download

T Top

Translate – Plugin for text translation using Google Translate


U Top

Upload – Upload the selected artboard to Cloud App with a simple shortcut Download

X Top

Xcode – Exporting assets from Sketch to Xcode Download

Z Top

Have I Missed Any?

The number of Sketch plugins is growing daily, so if you know of any that I have missed, or have just been released, then please do post URL in the comment section below and I will add them to the post ASAP.