What a Freelance Designer Made With Envato Elements

We've asked designer and art director Caterina Bianchini what she'd do with a month of Envato Elements. Here's a look at her design process, in her own words.

Portrait for Envato By Envato
Posted 27 Mar 2017

Caterina Bianchini is currently a freelance designer and art director based in East London. She has worked with clients such as Nike, Adidas, Boiler Room, Topshop, Ministry of Sound and Sotheby’s. Caterina has received acknowledgement and awards for her contribution to the design community, has had work displayed in exhibitions worldwide, and has her “Vinyl Effect” project archived in the Scottish Heritage Collections.

We asked her what she’d do with a month of Envato Elements. Here’s a look at her design process and work, in her own words: 

As a freelance designer, I run a busy design studio primarily working on unique brand identity and art direction. The studio is often very busy with new clients with specific needs, whether it be a high end fashion store or a poster for a club night.

The projects vary in length and complexity, and my work challenges current design norms by experimenting with unique typographic layouts and beautifully curated colour palettes.

Boiler Room flyers and poster: Halftone Texture used
Project: Boiler Room

My projects vary month-to-month; I usually work a lot with identity design and flyer/poster work. I find this sort of design is the most expressive and allows for conceptual thinking.

The reason I set up my own design studio was to find a suitable outlet for my design style to be nourished and acknowledged.

Caterina Bianchini

My ambition is to continue to create beautiful and intelligent design. Having a trial of Envato Elements was a great opportunity to see whether the service they offered was something that would be useful for someone with a quick turn around on most projects.

Onda: Ink wash texture used to create tie die effect on the dark blue
Project: Onda

I make all my own graphics, as my clients usually have very specific briefs in mind on contacting me or work with me because of my particular style. However, I found the texture libraries Envato Elements offered were very useful, from half tone, to ink, to paint washes – there was an incredible amount of choice.

Adding texture to a project can really bring the project to life, it creates an atmosphere and genre for the project to be identified with, and when presenting to clients this is an extremely important dynamic to have in the design.

Axe on Waxx Posters: Halftone Texture used
Project: Axe on Waxx Posters

The second part of the subscription that I loved using was the mock up service, whilst building decks to present to clients for branding projects it is really important to show a brand in a real life situation to allow for the client to visualise it. It was really useful having the mock up downloads in packs, each pack included different angle options of the mock ups – for someone on a very tight schedule, this was an extremely important inclusion.

Polu Poke: Mockups used, duct tape and circles for stickers
Project: Polu Poke

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