Freelancers to Hire for Your Voiceover Project, Podcast Editing, and Other Audio Services

Your shortcut to perfect audio.

Envato Studio has a collection of audio services to help create custom sounds perfect for your brand or project.

Now, expert audio freelancers can mix, cut and edit existing sounds you like but don’t yet love, or create your custom sound from scratch.

Our services will have your podcast fresh in people’s minds, or a video soundtrack that adds the right ambiance to your content:

1. Voiceovers

Have a professional read and record the voiceover for your project.

Featured freelancer: PeterBakerVoiceover, a former BBC News presenter who has completed over 250 voiceovers on Envato Studio.

2. Music Production

Do you have a sound in mind? Let an expert produce a custom track for your project.

Featured freelancer: Elias_Frost will create up to 15 minutes of music, just for your project.

Mixing & Mastering

Have you already got a track which needs a little TLC? Let our post production specialists mix and master to your brief.

Featured freelancer: advanced mixing and mastering from odiusfly.

Sound Design

Add unique sound effects to your project when stock sounds aren’t quite right.

Featured freelancer: dreikelvin, a pro at animation and sound effects for video.

Session Musicians

Add drums, guitars, piano and more to your track using one of our instrumental experts.

Featured freelancer: Add an authentic electric bass sound from DavideDondi.

Audio Editing

Edit your existing files. Cut, compress, combine or remove unwanted silences with these useful services.

Featured freelancer: StudioMonkey, a Grammy award-winning artist who you can hire to clean up and edit your audio file for less than $100 (really!).


Every day creators are finding new ways to tap the power of sound to tell their stories and win over audiences. We’re can’t wait to see what you make!

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This article was originally published in 2016 and has been updated for 2017. 

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