Fresh Font Trends for Springtime

Each year, springtime brings with it the promise of something new.

A time to celebrate regrowth, it’s also a great time to take a fresh look at what you’re saying—and how you’re saying it. Here are some great fonts to consider. There are a lot of great brush scripts this season, but plenty of other interesting options, too.

The GoodDay typeface is a modern handwritten script that brings energy and clarity to any product design.

Everything old is new again! For a fresh look back, the Cristik font brings vintage computer text to life.

Dattsy is a beautiful handcrafted brush script that brings casual elegance to any project.

Allow your words to stand out with this unique Papercutting font. It’s 100% hand-drawn and a beautiful rendering of an actual paper cutting.

The Hello Cute font is true to its name—cute as a button, with bold lines and a unique style.

The Vakia font is full of classic elegance, a clean script defined by its grand flourishes.

The rough brush script of Burelom gives it the feel of graffiti, but with the clarity and heft of a well-designed font.

The Brother typeface is a bold all-caps option.

Another bold brush-stroke, Little Antelope provides a ton of interesting texture, as if the brush had very little paint on it.

The lines of the Buntara font are clean, but there’s still plenty of texture in this modern vintage option.

A must-have for Spring, the Fabulous font ties into the current watercolor trend, with its gorgeous hand-panted script and extra swashes to customize any text.

Pine is a great, clean font that still includes all the great texture and outdoor influences that are so popular this season.

For something more classic, the Qanelas Soft font is a great modern sans-serif with a geometric touch.

A unique take on the brush stroke, the Little Wonder font is hand-drawn, and created from a single watercolor brush. With wonderfully odd details, this font will look great over imagery or on its own.

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