What Is Future Bass? Plus, 20 Stock Future Bass Tracks You Should Know About

“1) Does it have bass? 2) Does it blow your [censor] mind? Then it’s Future Bass.”

“1) Does it have bass? 2) Does it blow your [censor] mind? Then it’s Future Bass.” Well, at least according to Reddit.

This (relatively) new sound has been storming the eardrums of the world recently. Yet, while “the frontpage of the internet” may think it has it defined, the definition of Future Bass seems like a moving target.

It’s broad in scope, covering anything containing bouncy basslines, modern detuned synth, and melodic vocals (optional).

Evolving out of the harsher, darker sounds of dubstep, and trap, while still incorporating the powerful, apparently necessary bass drop that’s come to define Electonic Drum and Bass (EDM), Future Bass possesses a more uplifting, digestible sound.

As with any genre, especially one that’s still being shaped, there’s much debate about what music deserves to be honored with this label. Reddit claims, “It’s not a genre, it’s a state of mind.” “It’s like the Obama of music genres right now,” says one festival goer in this Vice clip. And, “Basslines are provided by harsh, detuned synths that buzz and purr instead of gulp and whomp,” says Rolling Stone.

Debate about definitions aside, what I’ve noticed across multiple boards, forums, and posts about Future Bass is the excitement it elicits. Which is representative of the genre itself, as tracks with this characterization feel more uplifting, and inspiring, and resultantly more consumable by the masses. It’s increasingly possible this could come to be a branch of EDM your parents could get on board with. Which, if you’re going to put this notion to the test, I would recommend starting with a cheerful track from Odesza, and go from there.

This genre’s agreeability across a vast audience is further evidenced through Australian producer Flume’s recent success. Arguably the lead of this movement, his track ‘Never Be Like You’ took the number one spot on this year’s Triple J Hottest 100, an annual Australian music listener poll, which attracted over 2.2 million voters in 2017. Plus, he took home a Grammy for the song, and another for Skin, the album it’s from.

Watching a group of people consume a Future Bass track like Flume’s speaks louder than any listener poll. As Triple J played it on the day of the Hottest 100, people’s heads bopped. Smiles gradually took shape, and I could see that this genre was more than just an adrenaline inducing rush. Rather, it was something that made people feel.

The passion this genre inspires was felt again when we asked AudioJungle authors to suggest their favorite Future Bass tracks. “Cool, I adore this style!”, “I’m so excited…”, and “It’s such a cool combination of chillness and dance-able rhythm…” were just a few of the quotes.

Through its mixture of warm, and futuristic sounds that maintain the techy/modern vibe currently in vogue, Future Bass breathes new life into the stock music world, which is still heavily populated by corporate, and inspirational tracks. And, while it’s entirely possible we’re about to experience an onslaught of content overusing tracks of this genre, it’s not everyday we see a trend like this catch fire with such a wide audience, so quickly.

Excited though you may be to start using Future Bass tracks in your content, the first thing you’re going to notice when you arrive at the genre’s AudioJungle category page is that there are lots to choose from. So, to help you decide, we asked the AudioJungle community to put forward their favorite Future Bass tracks, and got our specialist, Adrien Gardiner, to pick the best suggestions.

Here are 20 stock Future Bass tracks you need to know about.

That Future Bass by TheQLon

This one has a great mood, modern sound and high quality of production.

Beautiful Life by Alexiaction

This modern Future Bass/Hip Hop track is perfect for advertising, radio, TV, and video blogs. It’s really easy to cut, and great for its price.

Future Bass by cinematic_alex

An inspiring, motivational, high energy track, this, in my opinion, is perfect for extreme sports videos. It mixes soft and gentle moments with powerful, energetic ones, and would fit a wide array of video and media projects.

Future Bass by Alexiaction

This one’s got a modern commercial style. Perfect for Extreme video, TV, Radio projects.

Future Bass by RockLab

A high quality stylish, and original arrangement. Very well suited for dynamic video projects.

A Future Bass by StereoNuts

Dreamy and powerful, this track has a positive, motivational and inspirational mood. It’s excellent for high-tech advertising or shows, and for modern or sports related video projects.

Inspiring Future Bass by KickTracks

The vocals on this one are spot on – beautiful mixed and a powerful drum track that’s very tight. Great percussion, and vocal chants. It’s uplifting, and motivational. This track would be great for advertising, travel, commercial and sports videos.

The Future Bass by OddVision

Very diverse. Interesting melody with a good combination of chopped voice samples, and a cinematic atmosphere.

This Future Bass by ArtIss

Perfect chopped vocals and bright synths. Overall this track creates a joyful mood, and positive emotions. After all, this track was professionally made, and polished to a glossy and smooth sound.

In Future Bass by GhostBox

A nice, clean tune. Modern and catchy.

Future Bass Kit by ArtIss

Nice vocal melody, and atmosphere. Love this track!

Future Bass by cleanmindsounds

Pure, and atmospheric. Perfect for background music. Chill with it.

Future Trap by TheStockBoy

An interesting Future Bass track with cool swing hi hats groove, slow Rhodes piano, and punchy EDM trap drums. Bright original music for the background, or to listen to.

In Future Bass Kit by JohnRosso

The drop on this track is awesome, and makes for a great impact. I can definitely hear the Chainsmokers influence on this – it’s got that modern touch. Where to use it? This track would work well for a relaxed late night radio mix, EDM festival after movie, timelapse video, and much more.

In Future Bass by OddVision

Professionally sounding, catchy, sunny, and bright. In the best traditions of dance EDM, it features a very clean, and powerful drop. This track is perfect for high-tech advertising, and cool openers.

Summer Future Bass by Micrah

My bestseller “Summer Future Bass”. This is uplifting summer future bass music featuring atmospheric piano, pads, arp, deep bass, massive synths, vocal samples, and powerful drums.

Inspiration Future Bass by rangesound

This track is atmospheric, and melodic. I think it would be great for various video projects.

This Future Bass by GhostBox

Energetic pop future bass track, with catchy chords, and melody. Perfect for commercial, or fashion projects, party after movie, showreels, advertising, presentation, and another video projects.

This Future Bass by butterflystudio

Next track. Very nice sound, and the right mood. This track is full of surprises, and interesting solutions. Very powerful.

Emotional Future Bass Trap by TallSoundBar

Modern future bass track with Mashmello influence. Vocal chop style.

Feature Image: Adapted from Abstract Future Flyer by styleWish