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Getting Started with Envato Analytics

A little known tool available to all Envato marketplace authors is Envato Analytics. This free tool not only allows authors to view sales totals of all files on one page, but as you drill down into each marketplace item, you can view more detailed information such as how many people have viewed your item in a month, unique visitors, average time spent on the page, where users were referred from, and what users searched in Google to find your items.

Logging In

Here’s how to access Envato Analytics. First, you will need to log in here. Note that you will need your marketplace API key to log in:

Obtaining your API Key

To obtain your API key, go to My Settings which you can find at the top of your marketplace profile page: For example, my URL would be You can change “scottwills” in the previous URL to your own username.

Then, scroll down to where it says “API Key” and click to open-up the section. I’ve blurred out my API key but it will look like this:

Here’s a little tip by the way – Copy your API key into TextExpander (or similar software) and give it a keyboard shortcut so you can retrieve it on the fly with just a few keystrokes instead of having to keep going back to My Settings to retrieve it. Either that or just save your Envato Analytics login in 1Password or an equivalent password management application.


Once you log in you will be presented with thumbnails of all your files:

You can sort all your files by Title, Upload Date or Sales volume. Click on any thumbnail to see the stats of an individual item such as this example:

As you can see from the image above, you will be presented with a chart showing traffic data for the current month. If you want to change the month you can do so via the dropdown in the upper right corner of the page.


Clicking “Referrals” is really interesting as it will show you where you item was referred from. Perhaps you linked to your item from another marketplace page, your own blog, or perhaps someone discussed it and reviewed your file on their own blog? This is where you can see what’s driving the most traffic to your item(s):

External Search

The “External Search” link is useful because it displays what visitors are typing in Google Search to discover your item(s):

How might this be useful? Well, you might discover some important keywords that users are searching for to find your item(s) that you might want to add to other marketplace files you are selling (if those keywords are still relevant of course) so that you can optimize how Google Search indexes your item pages. After all, the higher your item page ranks on Google, the more likely it is that someone will find and click on your link.

Beta App

Please note that this tool was developed as a beta tool by a third party and passed on to Envato. There are many improvements that could (and should!) be made to improve this tool (I would love to be able to enter a date range instead of choosing one month at a time for example) so just to be clear, this is a very basic tool that definitely has potential but there’s lots of room for growth. Perhaps you would like to let us know if you find this tool useful in the comments or maybe let us know what else you would find useful in a marketplace analytics tool like this? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and we hope you enjoy this tool to monitor your royalty-free marketplace items!