A Good Product Designer…

What makes a good Product Designer? We asked nine experts at Envato.

Layla Foord

Layla Foord – General Manager, Microlancer

A good product designer never assumes that his/her opinion is the most important in the room when it comes to design and user experience. They always put the user at the center of the discussion. They don’t get crippled playing with pixels in an endless search for perfection and beauty – they know that good function and flow released regularly for feedback will get the best result. Simply, they don’t let perfect get in the way of better.

Justin French

Justin French – Product Owner

A good product designer understands the problem that needs to be solved. A great product designer reframes the problem in a way that makes the solution seem obvious.

Rod Blackney

Rodney Blackney – Senior Designer

A good product designer Doesn’t look for a perfect design process. There isn’t one.

Won’t confuse their personal style with their comfort zone.

Accepts negative feedback as part of the process of product design. Failure is feedback.

Never stops learning.

Has good taste in music 😉

Cath Hills

Catherine Hills – Senior User Experience Designer

A good product designer is an inquisitive problem solver; an innovative creative who has empathy for users and stakeholders, whilst being able to balance this understanding with intuitive design decisions, based on experience. Being wise enough to know when to say “I don’t know” and persistent enough to discover why and how.

Damir Kotoric

Damir Kotoric – User Experience Designer

A good product designer doesn’t jump to designing solutions. Firstly, question the problem statement at hand in order find the root of the problem that you’ve been asked to solve.

Tom Bryan

Tom Bryan – Designer & Creattica Curator

A good product designer is never finished.

Ben Fornarino

Ben Fornarino – Product Manager, Microlancer

A good product designer spins the wheel of inquiry, evaluation and story-telling.

Collis Ta'eed

Collis Ta’eed – CEO

A good product designer gets inside the mind of the user to solve their problems. How they do it varies. Some research, some empathise, some just become users to feel the pain themselves first hand.

Louise Buson

Louise Buson – Product Director, Marketplaces

A good product designer strives to understand the individual and very different modes of the end user and satisfy them all. A great product designer seeks to uncover the simple solutions that are obvious with hindsight and unimaginable before.

Josh Janssen

About the Author Josh Janssen

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