Google Related Items You Never Knew You Needed

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How time flies. It’s 15 years since Google was incorporated by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. To mark the occasion, we’ve trawled the Envato Marketplaces to find 15 Googlishly geeky items that we think you’ll love as much as we do.

What’s your first memory of Google? The Telegraph collected some unusual Google facts – do you have any of your own to add? Can you remember what it looked like in its heyday? Here’s a reminder.

We’d love to hear your first memories of Google. Tell us what you think it’ll look like in another 15 years. Will we be be wearing Google, driving it… or perhaps having it implanted?!


1. Pinata by joebelanger:


2. Paper Maps – The stage for your 3D Maps and Icons by Orange_Box:

Paper Maps – The stage for your 3D Maps and Icons

3. Android Phones Flat Mockups by vinyljunkie:

Android Phones Flat Mockups

4. YouTube Embed Optimizer by bourbonbiscuit:

5. 15 Google SERP SEO/Rich Snippets Explainer Icons by KoolioXavier:

15 Google SERP SEO/Rich Snippets Explainer Icons

6. Responsive Styled Google Maps Generator by greenline:

Responsive Styled Google Maps Generator

7. New Google Plus Profile Template by kokodesign27:


8. Easy Responsive AdSense by mochathemes:

9. Google Drive Downloader by tduartethemes:

10. Directory Portal WordPress Theme by ait:

11. SEO Services Powerpoint Template by kh2838:

SEO Services Powerpoint Template

12. Keyword Finder for WordPress by LastWisher:

13. AdPress – WordPress Ad Manager by omarabid:

AdPress - WordPress Ad Manager

14. Google Arrival Map Mock-up by studioBoo:

Google Arrival Map Mock-up

15. smart SEO – WordPress Plugin by AA-Team:

smart SEO - WordPress Plugin

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Header image by Suriyaphoto.