Standard Business Card Templates Dimensions

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This is how a standard 3.5″x2″ business card should look with bleeds for printing.

Want to submit business card designs to GraphicRiver? We’ve just made it easier! We’ve added business card templates and instructions to the Marketplace Wiki.

Marketplace manager Scott Wills explains on the GraphicRiver forum:

Please note we’ve added Business Card Templates to our wiki that authors may download and use prior to creating and submitting Business Card designs to GraphicRiver. We hope you find this resource useful, particularly brand new authors who may be submitting Business Card designs for the first time and may not be sure about our requirements! :)

Templates are available in PSD , INDD and EPS format.

You’re still welcome to use your own templates—ours are not mandatory. But you’ll still want to refer to the wiki page to make sure the bleed, trim line and other details of your designs are correct. Give your items the best chance of being approved!

If you have any questions or comments, the best place to leave them is this thread on the GraphicRiver forum.

Do you feel standard templates are a great idea? Which other categories can we supply them for?

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  1. PSD is an acceptable format with any print shop. They export to PDF before printing. It’s 2011 and Photoshop can be used for print. I know back in the day Photoshop used to have problems with text, in regards to printing.

    Besides I would imagine that anyone buying business card templates, will most likely only have Photoshop for most people who aren’t hardcore, designers will only have Photoshop. It’s more widely used than any other Adobe product.

    Never had a complaint or issue with printing.

    Thanks Envato for the template! I think it will be a useful tool for new authors and even some vets looking to design business cards.

  2. Thanks Envato for this great templates!

    I agree with Chris Farina, the majority of Buyers don’t have illustrator on his machines, so supplying a PSD file is something indispensable.
    Also most of designer are responsible, and know which colors and effects don’t looks so good when printed.

  3. Remember:

    I cant believe how envato can still advertise for submitting business-cards in .PSD formats.

    Like 75% of all cards on GR, is a photoshop-state-of-the-art card with fancy effects and texture, and 90% of the time when printed, the user will be disappointed.

    1. Can you clarify on that? I don’t know why PSD’s are a problem for printers. Whenever I print my business card, they always asks for a PSD and it looks great.

    2. I also don’t see a problem with psd. After all It is what is inside the psd that counts (300 dpi, ymck).

    3. If the printer can not matched what’s on screen, blame the printer. CMYK PSD document should be fine.

      BTW, where do you get number 75% and 90%, do you count and buy then print all business card stocks at Envato?