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We’re super proud that Envato has been named one of 2015’s Best Places to Work in the BRW Best Places to Work 2015 Study, a catalogue of the 50 top employers in Australia.

Here’s our HR Director James Law and HR Manager Amber Johnson collecting our Great Place to Work award in Sydney (we came in number 12 in the top 50).


The BRW Best Places to Work survey is part of a global program that researches and measures employee engagement with over 10 million employees worldwide.

Their research has uncovered that workplaces with strong cultures and high engagement do better as a company over time, which isn’t too much of a surprise.

At Envato we value community, and this extends to our own workplace. We recognise we’re interconnected and everyone working at Envato plays a role in making this a great place to work.

Here’s a few lessons we’ve learned about making a great workplace:

Treat people like adults

We hire talented, smart adult human beings. We don’t need to follow them around micro-managing their days or policing their movements.

We think autonomy is the respectful choice, and most importantly, it leads to better outcomes, including a proud and true ownership of results.

Envatians have lots of flexibility at work and beyond to do a great job. Our people know better than we do how, when and where they’re going to do their best work. So we work with them to create those optimal conditions.



There’s solid science around the power of laughter to heal and promote wellbeing. Humour is also a great way to bond with your teammates.

It helps when your CEO and co-founder has an infectious giggle, but we laugh a lot at Envato and always allow ourselves to smile amidst hard work and tough challenges.


Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and silly doesn’t hurt either.

Get physical

We have several sports champs in our head office and they inspire the rest of us to get moving. We love our standing desks as much as our bean bags, and we have more Envato sports teams than you can poke a stick at.

We do yoga together, run together, shoot hoops together, play rock and roll together, and survive boot camp together. (We also indulge in cupcakes and taco fests, so all things in moderation).


Breaking bread

Lunch time at Envato head office can sometime feel like Thanksgiving dinner, with our communal kitchen full of ‘family’ members feasting and chatting.

It’s another simple way we stay connected when it matters most and catch up on news from colleagues around the business.


Learn together

We hold mini-TED style talks from fellow Envato teammates so we can learn new things and develop our skills using the wisdom of peers.

Our Envatians come from so many interesting backgrounds and perspectives, and have an amazing body of knowledge on everything from virtual reality to anthropology.

We start our learning journey at home.


Many voices

Diversity makes us better. Better products, better ways of working, better food, better people. We’re very proud of our many team members, who hail from all over, across all spectrums.

In 2015 we’ve done more than ever to commit to diversity, rolling out some exciting new initiatives to make our company somewhere women, minorities, members of the GLBTQI community and more can feel welcomed and thrive. More on that later!


Put tech in its place

Invest in great technology to make communicating and working, particularly over large distances, as smooth and seamless as possible. Then let it do its job and focus on the human.

We love technology and use some fantastic tools to help us do our jobs, but its all in service of smart people, not our robot overlords. It’s only part of our environment, not its reason for being.

Be a good citizen

Envato and its Envatians are members of the tech community, the start-up community, the Melbourne community, the creative community and more.

We love opening our doors and getting out and about to host events, support innovators, great causes and other things going in the wider communities we’re a part of.


There’s plenty of other factors, but these are some of the things that make us who we are.

Want to join us? Here’s who we’re looking for


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