Handy Photoshop Tips All Beginners Should Know

Get up-to-speed fast with some of the most important and useful tools and elements within Photoshop. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, there are some great tips and shortcuts here that you may not already know about.

If you’re new to Photoshop, knowing how to uncover the true power of Adobe’s graphic editor, and learning those fundamentals quickly, can typically take a lot of time and practice.

Unleash the Power!

To help with that initial learning curve however, why not check out the following 8 tutorials by VideoHive author Amigo Productions?

Each video covers useful and important functions within Photoshop that will quickly get you up-to-speed and give you a greater appreciation of what lies under the hood of the most dominant graphics software in the world.

Be Smart!

Creating smart layers/objects is a great way to improve workflow and increase productivity. Learn how smart layers can help you to manipulate and edit content without affecting the original source. This technique is otherwise known as non-destructive editing, as you are able change and manipulate an image while preserving the source of the image.

Smart Objects

Smart Filters

All About Layers & Masks

A fundamental element of Photoshop is the use of layers. Think of layers like transparent sheets of acetate containing different parts of your image that you can move, conceal,  or reveal (whole or in part), as you stack them on top of one another.

The “revealing” part is typically done by using “masks”. Here are two tutorials to define and teach the use of layers, masks, and what’s so special about a “clipping mask” and how it should be used.

Masks & Layers

Clipping Masks

Pens & Brushes

Discover some simple ways and shortcuts to speed-up the way you use (and master) the brush and pen tools in Photoshop.

Brush Tool Tricks

The Pen Tool

Adjustment Layers & Color

Adjustment layers are simple but powerful tools within Photoshop that can help enhance, restore, and manipulate image color and tone.

Kicking-off the introduction of adjustment layers is a quick tutorial on how to to selectively change color within an image.

Selective Color

Adjustment Layers

About these Videos

These videos were produced by VideoHive author Amigo Productions. Here are just a couple of their best After Effects projects that you can purchase from VideoHive and customize to your heart’s content!

App/Product/Business Promotion with Qoogle

Motion Lines Explainer Video

Logo Reveals Services – Intro & Outro

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