Happy QuanticaLabs Day!

QuanticaLabs are a trio of multi-disciplinary authors from Poland who would never have dreamed of making $1M in total sales when they started out. Four years on and that is exactly what they have done!

Let’s chat with them and see if we can uncover their recipe for success…

Happy Power Elite Day QuanticaLabs, how does it feel?

Thank you! It’s a great feeling. When we created our account back in 2010 we were looking at authors with Green Paws badges (the highest level those days) with jealousy and thought that it’s impossible to reach such an achievement. Today we’re one step further on, so it’s like a dream and if someone had told us 4 years ago, that we would have broken $1,000,000 milestone, we wouldn’t believe!

QuanticaLabs team - Illustration by r4pro on Envato Studio
QuanticaLabs team – Illustration by r4pro on Envato Studio

We love that you are a multidisciplinary author working in ThemeForest, CodeCanyon and GraphicRiver. Where did your journey start?

We’re a team of 3 and one of us had been selling on GraphicRiver. He saw the opportunities that ThemeForest offered but needed a developer. Those days we were all employees in one company, so he told us about Marketplace and a possible cooperation. We had been excited from the beginning after viewing some of top items on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon and we decided to give it a try.

After adding few items to GraphicRiver and CodeCanyon we also tried on ThemeForest. Our first theme was rejected but (fortunately) we did not give up and created a new one – Aurana. So after 4 months we had at least one item on each of the mentioned marketplaces. We worked on new items in the evenings after our regular job.

It was hard to balance our regular jobs and the work on new items, so after discussions, considering the pros and cons, we finally decided to quit our regular jobs and attend to work entirely for the marketplace (it was at the beginning of 2012). We were unsure and full of concerns but today we can say that it was worth it and this step has proved to be one of the best decisions in our lives.

How do you break up design and development at QuanticaLabs?

As I’ve mentioned before we’re a team of three: 2 developers and 1 designer. So we talk together about ideas, then it’s time for the designer to create the project. When the project is in design phase we usually make changes in our initial assumptions, add some new features and discuss new ideas (which sometimes transform to completely new projects).

After that when the graphic concept is ready, we start development. Also in this phase we make some changes in the project so it’s always ‘on the fly’ ?Usually we add two versions of themes and plugins: HTML and WordPress, so from one designer project we can have two products on the Marketplace.

How are the disciplines different between the three marketplaces you operate in?

The main difference between marketplaces is the amount of support. The largest amount of support we’ve had for our WordPress Themes. If on the one side the support takes time, then on the other side it’s great to have contact with our customers and listen to their thoughts. Some of our ideas were inspired by our customers, like for example separation of the timetable feature from our themes and release it in a form of plugin on CodeCanyon.

Being a multidisciplinary author also gives a great opportunities to mix your products, especially bundle plugins into themes. It’s always easier to bundle and then support and update your own plugin than someone else’s. I think that’s an advantage for us.

Tell us a bit about your design space, where you live and your team.

We live in Poland. We rent a small office: four desks, sofa and a small kitchenette. So it’s nothing special to share – just a simple work space. We employ one person in order to help us with support and item updates.

Any hot tips for authors starting out?

I probably won’t write anything new, but always believe in yourself and don’t give up easily. Especially in the beginning, they are usually hard. Our start wasn’t smooth either. Some of the items in our portfolio were rejected a couple of times, so it’s good to hear the reviewers criticism and to try to improve your work. Also be creative and try to find some unique ideas.

How do you unwind?

We rather like to spend our free time away from the computer. So after work we like to hang out with our families, listen to music and if the weather is good – take some activities out to the air, like riding a bike or playing soccer (other days…, now we rather watch it on tv ;)).

What is the next big thing for QuanticaLabs?

We’re working on new magazine template, we’re also planning to release a kindergarten theme. Both should be ready pretty soon, so please stay tuned ?

Anything else you’d like to share?

Yes, we would like to say a big thank you to all of the community members, especially to our buyers, without them such a milestone won’t be ever reached and of course to Envato for having created such a great place.

Thank you QuanticaLabs, and congratulations!

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