Haunted: A Collection of the Spooky and Strange

A curated collection of stock photos and designs.

Image: Fog in the forest by Galyna_Andrushko + Esther Handmade Font by hederaedesign

It’s that time of year again. There’s a crisp breeze in the air, the leaves are starting to turn and there’s pumpkin flavored… everything, which can only mean one thing: Halloween is around the corner! In honor of our favorite haunted holiday we’ve curated an eerie photo collection from Envato’s new photo library on the theme of Haunted.

Unfinished abandoned concrete building facade by stevanovicigor
Spooky Fog and Bad Visibility on a Rural Road in Forest by aetb
Full Moon Willow by shots studio
Fog in the forest by Galyna_Andrushko
Dark fog forest. Mystical autumn forest with trail in yellow fog by den-belitsky
Canyon VillageThunderstorm Lightning Strikes Yellowstone National Park; by Christopher_Boswell
cemetery by ivankmit
Dark forest with fog and pond by andreiuc88
Fog in the forest by Galyna_Andrushko
Doll’s Head by stockasso
Dressed in wedding clothes romantic zombie woman by Nejron
Bloody Halloween theme: crazy joker face by master1305
Portrait of the horror zombie woman. Halloween. by NomadSoul1
Empty dark tunnel at night by saoirse2010
Cute muzzle of a black cat close up by vlad_star
Altar with skull, statue and candles by PaulSchlemmer
Oculo by hellomartco
Dark Caves | Abstract Backgrounds by devotchkah
Halloween witchcraft by Pressmaster

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