Hi, my name is Koen… and I’m a design addict.

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I always find myself typing in websites like Dribbble all day long. I just can’t stop refreshing the page to see if there are new posts. If I’m on my way out, I take my phone and as soon as I get wifi somewhere the first thing I type into my browser is either Dribbble or Envato.

How about you? Do you keep refreshing Envato, Frrst or Dribbble pages all day long just like me, or do you have some other way of showing your an design addict? Let me know in the comments.

  1. Great to meet you, Koen! It is Hameed Rahamathullah – Web designer and developer from Chennai, India.

    It’s same as I do! Living in the internet and finding inspiration throughout is my everyday work. I really enjoy doing that and it really keeps my thoughts fresh.

    Unfortunately, I could not join Dribbble (yeah, you know, it is invite only) but I’m active in Forrst ( and Twitter (@hameedraha).