How Little IdEAs Become Larger Than Life


Born of a need to express themselves more freely in their native language, the IdEA group began as a thread on our forum which then lead to an ‘unofficial’ Facebook group with more than 1000 members currently. One of the organisers, Budi, contacted me about their meetup in Indonesia, and I asked him if we could share his story with you.

It’s a great story about authors coming together to share inspiration and ideas about building an online business, and not only earning a passive income, but helping others along the way – some inspiring stuff!

Budi Nusyirwan reports from IdEA

After almost two years of its founding, IdEA had its first national meetup in Yogyakarta Indonesia, on 22-24 November, 2013.

authors arriving by train
Authors arriving at Jogjakarta

Since Indonesia is so large and authors are widespread, local meetups are not enough, so we decided to make our meetup national, and share our experiences about authoring in Envato Marketplaces face-to-face. And the most important thing, it should also become an unforgettable hangout! 😉

Coming to Yogyakarta from various islands of Indonesia, we chose a cozy resort not far from Mount Merapi to hold the first big event of IdEA.

dinner on night 1
Welcome dinner on the first night

It started on Friday evening with a welcome dinner and introductions and day two we scheduled a tour visiting some very interesting places around Yogyakarta, including Prambanan, a 9th-century Hindu temple.

There is a big Buddhist temple compound from that era near Yogyakarta, the well-known Borobudur. Both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the places you should visit when you visit Indonesia.

IdEA at Prambana Temple
IdEA at Prambanan Temple

After some more touring it was time to get down to business.

We met at the resort in the evening and had some interesting sessions from top Indonesian authors, including; CodeID (Muhajir), imediapixel (Irkham Maulana), Indonez (Zainal Mudzakir), fahmyzone (Fahmy Hidayat), jegtheme (Anak Agung Agus Bayu Iswara) and maskeenan (Sam Witwicky).

Sharing session with IdEA authors
Sharing session with IdEA authors

The sharing session and discussion continued outdoors that night around a campfire, complete with a Javanese traditional food stall!

Traditional Javanese food stall

On Sunday, after some more amazing sightseeing, there was a presentation from Weirdeetz on designing iOS App icons.

Weirdeetz are a service provider team from Microlancer who focus on niche skills, and we all found their talk very interesting!

Sharing session with Weirdeetz from Microlancer
Sharing session with Weirdeetz from Microlancer

And then the event turned to focus on group discussion, with authors grouped by Marketplace, discussing all aspects of their jobs. So much knowledge was shared in that session!

The IdEA organizers scheduled a debrief for the following day, and we talked about the event follow up, and also how we can help others.

We have some agendas to set and something that also sprung from our meetup was the ‘IdEA Charity’.

So we have made an account ‘Indonesian‘ in the Marketplaces and each of us donate items to sell on the account with 100% of the earning will use for charity, so please buy something there. 🙂

IdEA: Unity in diversity

The event ended on Sunday afternoon, we went back to our hometown with so many unforgettable memories.

We plan to run the event for the next few years. We believe that we could be a warm host if someday Envato decides to have a meetup in Indonesia… So, see you here!