How to Launch a Magazine App on the Apple App Store

An Envato community member shares the step-by-step process of creating and launching a mobile app using the content on his blog.


An Envato Editor takes us through creating a mobile app using just the content from his blog. Read on for full details on how to launch and promote an editorial app on the Apple App Store.

These days you don’t have to be a developer to create an app. Recently Mac.AppStorm editor Matthew Guay realized a dream, and launched a magazine app in the iOS app store.

Matt had been thinking of a way of monetizing his blog, Techinch, for some time. When he heard of TypeEngine he realized he could use his blogging skills to create a magazine app that can be sold in the iOS App Store. No coding required!

So he jumped on board, and TypeEngine chose Techinch Magazine as a launch partner. Talk about good timing!

The magazine launched, and is is now available in the iOS App Store, as well as in PDF and ePub formats. Issue 2 came out recently, covering automation and smart homes.

Matt Speaks with Us About Creating His App

We recently caught up with Matt about his experiences from dreaming of a magazine app, to actually creating one.

Matt Guay

How did you go from idea phase to launch?

I’ve had the idea—as I guess many bloggers have—to add a subscription to my site for quite some time. It’d give me a way to make a bit of profit from my blog, and in turn give me the time to write some of my best content for it. Then, Apple launched the iOS Newsstand, and it seemed the perfect way to take a blog to the next level.

It’s hard to not have an itch to launch your own app when you’re talking to developers daily, and this made me want to jump in. But developing an app was too much for me to bite off with my work.

I’m always on the lookout for new apps to cover, thanks to my work at AppStorm, so in early January when I first heard of TypeEngine I was intrigued. It’s a Markdown-powered web app combined with your own custom Newsstand app that lets you publish magazines almost as easily as publishing a blog online.

I signed up for info immediately, then sent them a pitch for a magazine, almost more because I wanted to try out the app than anything. But then, Techinch Magazine was picked as a launch partner, and my old ideas of making a paid version of Techinch slowly became a reality. I decided to try to take my writing in a new direction, focusing more on tech in our lives and how to use tech with a purpose, and let it fill a need in our lives rather than take over our lives.

It still took much longer than all of us expected to get Techinch Magazine in the App Store, but I’m sure excited that it’s finally out. I also took a bit of extra time to make PDF and ePub copies of the Magazine using Pages, just in case anyone without an iOS device wants to subscribe.

Techinch Magazine is still a work in progress, of course, but so are most projects. If you try it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the apps and the articles, and what you’d like to see in it going forward.


How are you promoting your app?

The first thing I did was add the Smart App Banner to the top of my site, where over 45% of my traffic is already from iOS devices. I figured that’s my best audience to market to, anyhow.

Then, I’ve got over a thousand Twitter/ followers, and am posting about the app there. Wrap that up with some word-of-mouth and emails, and that’s all I’ve done for marketing so far. We’ll see how it goes: this is a learning process for me as well!

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