How to Increase Your Website Conversions

These simple tips and products will help make your website more interactive and conversion worthy.

Interactivity online is expected. Being interactive gives readers more reasons to return. It gives you multiple ways of delivering your content, and allows users to develop content and contribute to the message.

It gets people returning, talking, sharing – and converting.

Here’s a few simple ways you can increase interactivity and make your site more conversion worthy.

Update Often

New content gives your readers more incentive to return, share, comment, and interact with others. Blog posts, e-books, videos, podcasts, courses, images, guest posts, etc., are what readers are looking for. Keeping your content fresh gives them a reason to return, discuss, and share.


Comments are a great way to get readers to interact with your content and with each other. They can contribute with their opinions and provide more information or clarity.

Take it a step further by letting them share their comments with their social networks using a plugin with social sharing features, voting features, or even provide links to popular comments that were written by each commenter.

Social Media

Adding social media buttons gives your readers a great way to share your content with their favorite social networks.

You could go one step further by even letting them sign in with their social network accounts and share their comments with their networks.

User-Generated Content

You can give your readers a place to be heard and create content with you. Allow users to create their own content by adding forums, a discussion board, or creating your own integrated social network.

This allows them to share content, speak their mind, share information, post opinions, post polls and ask questions. Letting users engage on your site also helps you with SEO and can give your users a deeper sense of loyalty to your brand.


Producing a newsletter will give readers sharable content they can send through email.

Not only will they sign up, they can forward your newsletter to their friends. The newsletter could even include expanded content that they could then come back to your website to discuss with others. Send the newsletter out on a regular schedule so your readers expect it.

Contact Info

Readers don’t want to only interact with each other – they want to interact with you. Provide contact information so readers can interact with you. This should include an email address, contact form, links to your social networks, and possibly even a phone number.

Provide contact info on a contact page using a contact form and in your footer, header, or sidebars.

Customer Support

This is a must for websites that sell products, memberships, courses, files, etc. Including customer support features encourage readers to contact you and share their solutions to problems.

This would include a ticket system, a live chat system, an interactive FAQ, articles, and contact forms or other methods of contact.

Keep the email addresses and chat boxes in places where they can be found easily such as in headers, footers, sidebars or a support page in the navigation menu.

Host Giveaways

You can even host giveaways on your site to increase awareness and promote social sharing. You can give away access to content, e-books, coupons or products.

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