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A Simple Guide to Managing Ads on Your Marketplace Items

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Uploading items to sell on the Envato Marketplaces, technically means that you’re a business. You have products and customers, and product advertising is at the heart of any business.

There are a multitude of marketing strategies and advertising methods that you could take to promote your Marketplace items and increase sales, however today I’m going to give you a beginner’s quick-fire guide to managing ads on your Marketplace Items.

For the purpose of this guide, I’ll be showing you how I personally manage my ads, so like it or lump it. You’ll need:

  • WordPress Installation (90% of the authors on here should have one of these)
  • Pretty Link Plugin
  • FTP Access

Why Do I Need Ads on My Items?

Adding an advertisement to the bottom of your item descriptions is a great way to increase the sales of an item, entice a customer into looking at more of your items and lastly, a great way to up-sell a customer to a bundle or more expensive version of the file.

The Problems

The problems with having advertisements within your item descriptions is that if you have a large portfolio, managing them can be difficult. If prices change, links change, you update products or you want to promote a different product, essentially you’d have to go through every item and update the description.

The Fix

The simple fix to this problem is to host your ad in a central location, with a forwarding link of which you can change the direction. Simply put, giving yourself the ability to change the ad on all your pages and change what it links to, without having to update all your item descriptions.

How To

  1. Log in to your WordPress installation and install Pretty Link Lite. If you need to install it via FTP you can find the plug in here

    Pretty Link allows you to shrink long URLs using your domain and also edit where the shortened links point to at a later date. It also allows you to track how many clicks and unique clicks your link gets, giving you a small insight to the effectiveness of your ads.

  2. Navigate to the Pretty Link page and click on Add New Link

    Set the Target URL. This is where you want people to be sent to when they click on your advert (typically the item you’ll be advertising). Then choose a name to shrink the URL to. As you can see, I’ve simply used “advert”. Now, when people visit, they’ll be sent to your target URL.

  3. Design and upload your ad. Design yourself an ad for your product (or, download my PSD here. Save your ad and upload to (or whatever folder you choose to keep your ads in).
  4. Now you’ve got your ad image uploaded, simply add the following HTML Code to the top of your Item Descriptions: 

    <a href="http://www.YOURDOMAIN.COM/ADVERT"><img src="http://www.YOURDOMAIN.COM/ADS/advert.jpg" /></a>

    What does this code do? Simple – this code will insert your ad image to your item description and link it to wherever your Pretty Link short link points to!

  5. So, What’s the Beauty of This?

    Every time you want to change your advert image and where it links to, all you have to do is replace the image on your server, and edit where the Pretty Link forwards to, meaning you don’t need to go back through your Item Descriptions and update all the code. Simple!

  1. Greet article, but the link for Pretty Link Plugin and the psd file doesn’t seem to work.

    1. Thanks Sander. It looks like things have changed in the last two years. I’ll add the new links here rather than in the article.

      It looks like there are now two Pretty Link products: Pretty Link Pro and Pretty Link Lite.

      And Quickandeasy’s free templates have moved to his new FlyerHeroes site.

      I hope that helps!

  2. Hey guys!

    I was wondering, what if we use a .PHP hosted on our server?
    So it rotates the banners solely.

    Is this allowed?


    1. Sorry, that meant to say you can only use ‘a’ & ‘img’ tags in your item description. I forgot html was allowed in comments ha…

  3. I’m doing the same, just without any WordPress plugin. Simply FTP access and a functional PHP server works like a charm – I link to PHP pages that only contain a header statement that redirects to the page of the specific item πŸ˜‰

    1. I was tempted to suggest this at first, but, a lot of authors will have a WordPress install and it’s also a lot simpler + you get the stats of unique clicks etc πŸ™‚

  4. Great tips, however, as affiliate links aren’t allowed in the Item Description the pretty link plugin renders useless for the marketplaces perse. But, to use the Pretty Link plugin on your WP blog, that’s a brilliant idea that covers the affiliate link and will in terms generate more clicks.

    Have practiced these tips for quite some time and they work flawless! Can strongly recommend this for everyone.

    Good post, looking forward to what else you have for us πŸ™‚

    1. It doesn’t have to be an affiliate link, just a link would do. The idea with the pretty link is you can create a single link to use on all your item descriptions, but then change where this link points to at a later date – i.e when you update the ad image.

      So points to file1, but later on, you can change to point to file2, rather than updating all your item descriptions πŸ™‚

      Make sense?

    2. Makes perfect sense and as I said, it’s a great idea you’ve got there and I’ve practiced it for quite some time now. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m confused if you are talking about placing ads on an external blog or the actual item page on say GraphicRiver. If you’re talking about on an item page, I don’t understand how wordpress comes into play?

    1. The WordPress comes into play for the Pretty Link plugin. Sure, you could use a vast array of methods to manage where your links point to, but this is a nice and easy way with plenty of features, especially considering how many authors will (or should) have a WordPress blog up πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks! I haven’t heard of the Pretty Link Plugin until now, but I’ve seen the functionality in a few other plugins that do the same thing. The only issues I have with others is that the unique clicks can’t be right after reviewing site analytics, so it’s a buggy.

    I’ll give Pretty Link Plugin a try.