How to Promote your Youtube Channel

Learn all about YouTube channel promotion and discover YouTube marketing tips to grow your audience.

Portrait for Marie Gardiner By Marie Gardiner
Posted 27 Apr 2019

Increasingly brands and influencers are making use of video as a communication channel, and one of the most effective platforms to do so is through YouTube. However, there’s a lot of competition out there, so in order to promote your YouTube videos you need to invest in YouTube marketing. This includes YouTube channel art, creating effective YouTube intros and outros for your YouTube content and distributing your videos on other social platforms. Before we get onto YouTube channel promotion, discover YouTube tips to improve your social media video in our Video Marketing Guide.

YouTube Channel Art

There are various YouTube channel art templates that you can use:

This icon is actually quite small – just 800 x 800 pixels – so it needs to be clear and visually appealing. If you have a long name, think about how you might shorten it, making use of an acronym, or just display the logo itself. How It Should Have Ended, a channel for animated parody alternate endings to major motion pictures, has kept their logo clear and to the point, using only a few colors and simple shapes.

Our attention spans can be short, so it’s wise to make something that an audience can glance at and instantly recognize. Here are the YouTube thumbnail sizes and specs you should aim for:

  • 1270 x 720 pixels
  • JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG format
  • Try to keep file sizes under 2MB
  • Aim for the standard video ratio of 16:9

Letting YouTube choose a thumbnail from a still in the video will often result in something less than ideal. You’re likely to end up with an awkward, blurry image. It’s always worth a little bit of extra time and effort to make something that looks great and speaks to what a viewer can expect from the video itself.

This is your big visual advertisement when people come to your homepage. It’s quite often the first thing visitors will see, so making a good impression with something striking can win you a lot of points. Something that’s important to consider when creating your YouTube banner is that it’s going to scale to different sizes, depending on where it’s viewed.

We recommend sizing your art to 2560 x 1440 pixels – keeping the size below 4MB – with your ‘safe area’ being within 1546 x 423 pixels. Minimalism works well for YouTube headers, so try to keep your design sleek and simple, drawing attention to your brand name, logo and tagline, if you have one. Make sure any images you use are high-quality ones, and if you don’t have anything suitable, consider using a high quality stock image.

YouTube Intro and Outro

Making a consistent intro and outro for each of your YouTube videos is an important detail that can separate you from your competition. It’s a great reminder of your brand and, in the case of your Youtube intro, a way to let your audience know what your video will be about, right from the start. Your YouTube outro is a good opportunity to sign off from your video and offer a call to action, or even to push your audience over to watching more of your videos, or to subscribe.

Keep YouTube intros and outros short, and certainly no more than 15 seconds. There’s nothing more frustrating to an audience than an introduction that waffles on for ages before getting to the point of the video. You might even want to consider slightly pushing your intro into the start of your video, and beginning it with a quick teaser of what’s to come – attention spans are short! Discover how to create a YouTube intro in our guide.

How to Do YouTube Marketing

The great thing about creating video content is that chances are, you already have the skills to market it too! Here’s a quick rundown of the major points to consider:

  • Write great titles! Research has shown that shorter titles get more clicks and views, so keep YouTube titles concise.
  • Choose well when it comes to keywords and tags. Sometimes, being too broad can be as limiting as being too specific, so think carefully about what your video contains. It might be worth looking at similar, successful videos, and seeing what their keywords contain.
  • Be a community darling. If you have fans who leave comments, acknowledge them and engage with them.
  • Be consistent. Don’t start a channel on fashion only to throw in random videos about car maintenance!
  • Make promotional videos to use across other social media channels, to draw people to your YouTube channel.

Whatever your YouTube channel specializes in, great visual graphics will help you cultivate a loyal and engaged fan base, who will play a powerful role in sharing your content. Get started with your YouTube channel art by creating a YouTube banner on Placeit.