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How VideoHive Collaboration Is Giving Great Exposure to One Successful AudioJungle Author

by olechowski on PhotoDune

About a year ago we explained how an AudioJungle/VideoHive collaboration is a huge win/win opportunity for both authors. VideoHive authors get some great music to show off their video, and AudioJungle authors get some much-coveted exposure for their track.

By partnering together, VidoHive authors can use and promote AudioJungle tracks, and AudioJungle authors can promote VideoHive items in their item descriptions and portfolio profiles. Help market and promote one another’s work.

You can check out that article for detailed steps about how it’s done. In this article we’re going to focus on one AudioJungle author who has done just that, and claims that these collaborations are a major factor in his success.

That author is Tim McMorris. He was recently seen on the ThemeForest forum thanking the authors there for collaborating with him.

Here are some of the points Tim makes in his post:

  • ThemeForest authors repeatedly using his work has contributed to his success. He pinpoints this to both when he was starting out, and also today when he is better known.
  • The collaboration has resulted in very welcome exposure.
  • This has also greatly accelerated his business outside of Envato too.
  • VideoHive contributes to the success of AudioJungle as a whole.
  • YoCreative was the first VideoHive author to use his music – three times consecutively. Tim has pinpointed this as the time that things really started to change for him.

The sincere gratitude expressed in Tim’s post is truly moving, and was much-appreciated by the VideoHive community. Many expressed that the benefit of collaboration works both ways. YoCreative was one of the many authors to respond:

Tim, all of us, VH authors, who have to say thank you my friend! We have luck in work with a talented musician like you. My participation in this story was just lucky to have had pressed the play button before others! You helped me a lot in my VH journey! And not only with your great compositions, but also with the encouragement and support you always gave me. I’m sure your success story is just beginning!

We’ve covered Tim’s growing success several times now on Envato Notes. While collaborations aren’t the only factor responsible for his success, it’s instructive to other authors that he believes it is a significant factor.

What about you? If you’re an AudioJungle author, have you collaborated with VideoHive authors? (Or vice versa.) What impact did it have? Or are you planning to collaborate in the future? Make sure you check out this post about how to get started.