18 Impressive Magazine and Newspaper WordPress Themes

The world is making a shift to digital news and reading, and with it developers are getting more and more creative. There a number of WordPress magazine and newspaper themes available that are ready for your magazine-style site.

What is a ‘magazine-style site’, anyways? In general, this can refer to anything content-heavy, or with a big focus on publishing articles regularly. WordPress works best for these sites because it’s a content-first CMS. There are a few free WordPress magazine themes on offer, as well as more advanced premium themes.

We decided to put together a list of some of our favourites:

Zox News by MVPThemes

This is a relatively new theme, however has already registered close to 200 sales in almost three weeks. It has a myriad of features including eight article layouts, five featured posts layouts, and the ability to equip a ‘continue reading’ button. It is ready made for mobile, however is excellent across other platforms. A regular licence costs $59, and extended support from the author can be purchased for a small fee. A fantastic design and theme that follows the modern day news layout trend.

Landyland by annabalashova

When you look at this, one word that comes to mind is class. Landyland is a design perfect for a lifestyle magazine or blog, and is responsive to smartphones and tablets. There are over 25 page templates, which should cover whatever you’re looking to produce. The package includes 600+ Google fonts, six months of support, and any future updates. Stylish, modern, classy, smart, and all for just $39.

EMO by G5Theme

Another excellent magazine theme with a number of features. EMO has 10 home pages to choose from, and is primed and ready for you to customise and add ads as you wish. There are also YouTube videos that act as tutorials in use of this theme. It is super user friendly and comes in at just $49.

Garage by evolle

The Garage theme presents a sophisticated design for your articles, posts, videos and so on. It comes fully translation ready, while color schemes can of course be changed. However you might not want to, the one shown above is simple but impressive. This is a very new theme, having only been ready for purchase on Envato Markets as of August 4th. No doubt it will quickly become popular, especially at only $39.

NewsPlus by SaurabhSharma

This theme has a variety of different uses, however has very cool features ready made for a food style magazine. They have a recipe generator add-on and a nutrition facts calculator. Even if you aren’t looking to produce something food related, it can easily be customised and adjusted for travel, lifestyle, or newspaper.

Periodic by designcrumbstoo

When you see this theme the mind goes to the likes of Complex and Slam Magazine. It’s suited for that urban style and has a number of features that can be utilised. It’s simple and clean, easily customisable, and focuses heavily on media files. One cool example is the ability to have linked images light up when users move their cursor over them. Just $44 as well!

Authentic by codesupplyco

This is another theme that screams out class and style. A fantastic magazine layout and design that is set-up perfectly for all things lifestyle. One special feature of this one is the ability to create your own shop, so say if you want sell things from your magazine or merchandise it can all be done. Like many others on this list, it comes in at $59.

Sahifa by TieLabs

Clean and easy to use, this theme is a favourite of many web designers. Sahifa comes in with a number of plugins included in it’s $59 price tag. It’s translation ready, and comes with a number of different options regarding widgets, panels, menus, and sliders. With over 24,000 sales, this clearly has the support of a number of people.

Bingo by Theme-Ruby

Bingo is just $39 for a limited amount of time, and there are a number of reasons to jump on it.  Like many other themes on this list, it can be used for a variety of topics such as sport, news, lifestyle, and many more. It has a focus on the mobile user experience, and is SEO ready and friendly.

Newspaper by tagDiv

This is the #1 selling news theme on Envato Market, recording over 46,000 sales. The reason why everybody loves this particular layout is because of it’s reliability, look, and variety. There are a number of different page designs, suited for anything from lifestyle, tech, business, craft, sport and much more. Newspaper is up to it’s eighth edition and continues to be one of the best themes going around.

Bimber by bringthepixel

Something a little bit different to end our list. Bimber is a magazine WordPress theme that is designed for all things viral. Some of the fun parts of this template are; easy to make quizzes, the ability to allow users to react to posts through emojis. The most recent edition is volume four, and any further updates are included in the $59 price tag.

Flex Mag by MVPThemes

Another theme with a very modern magazine style. This item has over 3,400 sales and is loaded with a number of cool features. It has eight different article layouts in a vareity of different genres, and is also fully mobile-ready.

15Zine by codetipi

15Zine screams class and style. An elegant and simple design, it’s perfect for a number of different article topics. From over 300 ratings it has an average of 4.88/5, which speaks volumes in regards to user satisfaction. One cool feature of this theme is the trending menu, which allows popular articles to be easily viewed. Like many others, this comes in at $59.

Magazine Vibe by Edge-Themes

This theme by Edge-Themes provides a perfect balance between detail and simplicity. It contains a number of different page layouts, all of which have customisation options. It’s very easy to use, with ability to drag and drop during page creation.

Jannah by TieLabs

Jannah is edging towards 1,000 sales, and considering the theme it is definitely understandable. It has almost every feature you could imagine; the ability to create a shop, social media widgets, a weather widget, fully responsive to mobile, translation ready, and much more. The automative style design is particularly impressive, you can check it out yourself through the live demo.

Zoal Mag by Nile-Theme

Yet another package that comes with a number of different modified layouts suited for different genres. One that is particularly unique is the kids style theme. It is something seen in very few others on this list. Check it out and the rest of the features here.

NextNews by madza

Just over a month old, NextNews is a new and exciting theme. You can customize it to any style, while it is also translation and SEO-ready. Ideal for anything lifestyle including fashion, travel, food and more. This theme along with six months support and any future updates is priced at $49.

The Voux by fuelthemes

This package comes with a number of pre-made demos for you to preview before you make your purchase. There are a variety of different article pages for whatever you desire, as well as the ability setup a shop. All of these features will cost you just $49.

So there is 18 of our favorite newspaper/magazine themes available on Envato Market. If you were on the lookout for something like this, then hopefully we’ve lent a helping hand.