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Introducing Collections On Envato Elements

Found something special while scrolling Envato Elements? Now you can save it to a shortlist.

Portrait for Helen Alexander By Helen Alexander
Posted 19 Apr 2020
Envato Elements Collections Launch

Thanks to social media, we’re all constantly sharing images and inspiration. So when we realised our users wanted to enjoy this experience on Envato Elements, we sat up and took notice.

Find Your Favorites

Acid design

As Producer Riley Livett explains, we received overwhelming feedback from our customers that they wanted a way to ‘favorite’ the content they came across on Envato Elements. “For a long time, it was our number-one feature request!” he says.

Before launching Collections, it was fascinating to see our creative community of users coming up with their own methods of collating great content from our library.

We heard stories of people using spreadsheets and bookmarks, even manually taking note of links.

Riley Livett, Envato Elements Producer

By working closely with our users to learn what their needs were, our design team came up with a number of prototypes that we tested, reviewed and refined. Once we had reached a solution that we were all happy with, the development team got to work.

Click to Create a Collection

Street art

So how does it work? Just as you can save an image on Instagram or create a board on Pinterest to organise your pins, Collections is all about curation by providing an easy option for Envato Elements users who want to create shortlists of their favorite items.

Simply click the Collection icon when browsing on any category or item page on Envato Elements to save the item for later. From neon colours to minimalist logos, users can create and name multiple Collections around whatever subject, theme or style takes their fancy.

“Our own staff members have been bringing together some great content using Collections,” says Riley.

A personal favourite of mine is Dogs With Hats. Who knew we had so many dogs with hats?


Share Ideas and Inspiration


And it’s not just about saving, it’s also about sharing too. As Riley says: “Collections is a time-saving way of bringing together content you love. With the addition of being able to share a Collection, users can now broadcast their favourite assets to others.”

Share your ideas easily with friends, clients and colleagues by clicking the three dots at the side of your Collection. It’s a great way to keep teams in the loop and saves users time when searching through our huge library of design resources.

Of course, Collections is still in its infancy, and we will continue to iterate based on the feedback we receive. “Every day we aim to improve the Elements experience and add value to keep the people using our product engaged,” says Riley.

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